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sunny living room with vintage furniture

It’s Only 1,400 Square Feet, But Every Bowl, Basket, and Spoon Has a Spot in This L.A. Stylist’s Home

An epic wall of windows sets it all aglow.

view into porch

After Years Pining Over This Whimsical Wallpaper, a Designer Finally Found the Right Home for It

It fits her client’s fun-loving personality.

pale yellow sunroom

The Dreamy Pool Is Just a Bonus at This 1875 Home on the Best Block in Charleston

See: The vanilla playroom and absorbing green den.

Kitchen stove with green marble backsplash

This L.A. Bachelor Swapped SoCal Earth Tones for Neon Tables and a Massive Sky Blue Sofa

The first step? Open up the Craftsman’s layout.

blue wall around couch

For This New Yorker, Ample Closets—Now Covered in Wallpaper—Beat More Square Feet

His studio might be tiny, but his clothes are happy.

copper light over dining table

In This Mexico City Home, a Hacked IKEA Closet Doubles Down on the Bedroom’s Zen Mood

Mirror, mirror, on the Pax.

Living room with bench and cut wood underneath

Paint Indecision Plagued This Couple’s No-Demo Reno—Until They Found This Color Palette

Because the “Home Depot orange” wainscoting had to go.

foyer with pink rug

In This Airy L.A. House, Window Seats Are Best Used for Folding Laundry

In the kitchen, the designer put her number-one rule into play.

angular glass craig ellwood apartment exterior

Sliding Into an Architecture Account’s DMs Scored This Marketing Exec a Rare L.A. Rental

“I pleaded with the landlord.”

woman in dress standing outside black backyard studio

This Couple Made a Deal: They’d Buy the Country House If He Could Have a Backyard Office

In between the two is a dahlia-filled paradise.

blue stone bar

An Iceberg Blue Shower Brings a Blast of Italian Glamour to This L.A. Home

A wallpaper-covered closet adds even more personality.

woven light over dining area

Naturally, These French Cabinet Designers Have the Most Clever Bookcase in All the Land

Look closely to spot the entryway shoe cubby.

white clapboard farmhouse exterior

Trading Square Footage for More Light Saved This Greek Revival Farmhouse’s 1860s Soul

Goodbye, 1980s additions.

woman leaning on table

Even on Gloomy Days, a U-Shaped Kitchen Promises Good Views in This Portland Home

Same goes for the strategically placed sofa.

concrete exterior

The Living Room Layout This Melbourne Home’s Designer Will Definitely Use Again

And the bedroom detail her clients sold her on.

living room with blue sectional and wood built-ins

This 4,800-Square-Foot Apartment Features the Smartest Trick for Hiding Ugly Heating Units

Mural-like wallpaper rules in this Upper East Side home.

kitchen with skylights

In This Designer’s Home, a Pink and Saffron Powder Room and Bouclé Banquette Are Like “Little Winks”

Every space features a sense of play.

black outdoor shed

This Home’s Potting Shed–Chic Vibe Isn’t Just Reserved for the Backyard

In the entry, geraniums sit up high on wood pedestals.