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After almost two years of getting very intimate with the pros and cons of our spaces, renters and homeowners alike seem to be finally starting to design for themselves, rather than just for the potential resale value (or in some cases, the ever-important security deposit). Instead of universally appealing white kitchen cabinets or neutral upholstery, the most popular @dominomag Instagram posts in 2021 showcase designers putting a twist on a classic, painting the exterior of a traditional farmhouse black and wallpapering a powder room in a bold citrus print. 

These spaces’ innovative layouts and color combinations alone offer enough ideas to fill 10 houses, but we were just looking to design one ultimate place. Here, we’ve gathered our most-liked photos by room to build your 2022 dream home. Keep reading for a tour.

The Exterior

It’s clear that the dark exterior trend isn’t going anywhere quite yet, because for the second year in a row, your dream house is black. Megan and Dustin Moon’s modern farmhouse, clad in fiber cement board siding, is complete with massive windows, flooding the Kalamazoo, Michigan, property with light at all times of the day.

The Hallway

The most important element to any mudroom is storage. This entry in Clinton Corners, New York, by designer Lori Paranjape, features plenty of open shelving for jackets and bags and durable brick floors (original to the home) that can stand up to muddy footprints. “No one comes over and feels like they shouldn’t put a glass down because they’re going to ruin an antique,” she points out. 

The Kitchen

It’s all about the little, innovative details in your kitchen of choice. The chic doggie door in this space in Atlanta, designed by Sherry Hart and Ladisic Fine Homes, is so much better than the usual plastic flap—and it blends right in with the rest of the steel-framed entrance.

The Living Room

The living room in Patricia Nogueira’s Bay Area rental looks warm and layered now, but she moved in during the pandemic with just a few lamps and her bed. Everything else she sold in a socially distanced garage sale, raking in an impressive $4,000 to put toward the new pieces.

The Dining Room

This year you opted for the fresh white walls and cane furniture in Jessie Bloede’s Austin new build. (A far cry from 2020, when the favorite dining room was a pastel pink wonderland.) Low-key materials can pack just as big a punch in unusual silhouettes, like the tiered rattan chandelier overhead.

The Main Bedroom

The best kinds of closets are also pretty to look at. Take a cue from the mint green and cane custom doors in model Zippora Seven and photographer Terence Connors’s Montauk, New York, cottage

The Bathroom

Latham Thomas grew up in a traditional, museum-like house—so she went for the total opposite vibe in her Brooklyn home. Case in point: the vibrant powder room. A statement citrus-print wallpaper, with coordinating tangerine-colored mirror, enamored you at first glance. 

The Kids’ Room

Bunk beds can excite grown-ups, too. Just ask Josh and Jenna, who decked out their daughters’ space with a bespoke design featuring three beds (one is just out of view to the right) and sneaky drawers underneath.