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pink bed

One of the Bedrooms in This Sustainable South Africa Home Is on Wheels

The rooftop? It’s a greenhouse.

pela lomi compost maker with Prime Day banner

I Tested a Countertop Composter That Makes Ready-to-Use Soil Literally Overnight

And it’s $100 off for Amazon Prime Day.

leather chair in sunny living room

Attention, Renters: You Don’t Need Access to a Roof to Benefit From Solar Power

This panel hangs in your window like a work of art.

multicolored showerheads

This Smart Showerhead Cuts Water Usage—And It’s $50 Off for Memorial Day Weekend

Get a text when your water reaches the perfect temp.

tiny house with mezzanine

This Tiny Cabin Overlooking the Cape Town Surf Was Assembled in Under 3 Weeks

Bat roosts and owl boxes welcome guests of all kinds.

tattooed hands pruning flowers

No-Dig Gardening Is as Low-Maintenance as It Sounds—And It’s Good for the Earth, Too

Plus more ways to embrace your inner rebel gardener.

Outdoor Patio Roof with Solar String Lights Hung Above Outdoor Sofa

Giving Your Outdoor Space a Glow-Up Is as Easy as Adding the Best Solar String Lights

And a few of our favorites are on sale.

Bamboo Sheets

Slip Into the Best Bamboo Sheets for Sweet—Not Sweaty—Dreams

Here’s our short list, all tested.

tiled post office staff room turned bedroom

Their First Home Purchase Fell Through—Then This Couple Bought a Post Office

Goodbye, staff lounge. Hello, bedroom.

white home with solar panels on roof

IKEA’s Newest Collab Could Save You a Ton on Your Energy Bill

California is up first.

living room with leather sectional

The 1990s Called—It Wants You to Know This “Cheap” Wood Is Back

Rethink the material’s bad rep.

curved home exterior with large windows

What the New IRA Tax Credit Means for Your Renovation Budget

This switch might save you $1,500.

HoldOn baggie holding celery

These New Compostable Sandwich Baggies Are Replacing My Plastic Ones for Good

Food prep, work lunches, storage—they’re that durable.

colorful naturally-dyed textiles

Another Use for the Turmeric in Your Pantry: Tie-Dyeing Pillowcases

Two and a half years post-lockdown, it’s time to try something new.

Compost Bins

We Found the Best Compost Bins for Your Backyard, Balcony, or Kitchen Countertop

One gets the job done overnight.

Solar Pool Covers

Harness the Sun’s Heat With the Best Solar Pool Covers

Our top pick bubble wraps your water, so to say.

I’ll Let You in on a Secret: I Turn to Amazon for the Best Indoor Plants

I’ll Let You in on a Secret: I Turn to Amazon for the Best Indoor Plants

Greenery that doesn’t cost a lot of green.

scotch brand cushion lock gif

I Ditched Bubble Wrap Completely When I Discovered This $8 Packing Solution

No sad unpacking surprises here.