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HoldOn baggie holding celery

These New Compostable Sandwich Baggies Are Replacing My Plastic Ones for Good

Food prep, work lunches, storage—they’re that durable.

colorful naturally-dyed textiles

Another Use for the Turmeric in Your Pantry: Tie-Dyeing Pillowcases

Two and a half years post-lockdown, it’s time to try something new.

Compost Bins

We Found the Best Compost Bins for Your Backyard, Balcony, or Kitchen Countertop

One gets the job done overnight.

Outdoor Patio Roof with Solar String Lights Hung Above Outdoor Sofa

Giving Your Outdoor Space a Glow-Up Is as Easy as Adding the Best Solar String Lights

Charge all day to shine all night.

Bamboo Sheets

Slip Into the Best Bamboo Sheets for Sweet—Not Sweaty—Dreams

Here’s our short list, all tested.

Solar Pool Covers

Harness the Sun’s Heat With the Best Solar Pool Covers

Our top pick bubble wraps your water, so to say.

scotch brand cushion lock gif

I Ditched Bubble Wrap Completely When I Discovered This $8 Packing Solution

No sad unpacking surprises here.

portait of drew barrymore

Even Drew Barrymore Loves This Domino-Vetted Solar Lantern

An eight-hour charge ensures the party will last all night.

Elevated Roof with Windows in Kitchen

A Stone Farmhouse, Civil War–Era Addition, and Stucco New Build Come Together in the Hudson Valley

“There isn’t a sense of departure; it’s just a continuation of spaces.”

Pela Lomi countertop composter

I Tested a Countertop Composter That Makes Ready-to-Use Soil Literally Overnight

It transforms food scraps while you sleep.

living room with vintage leather recliner

Searches for Recycled Decor Are Up 95%, So Here’s How to Reuse Your Coffee-Table Books

And the countertop scraps from your kitchen reno.

green compost bin

I Found a Countertop Compost Bin That Really, Truly Traps Any Bad Odors

And it looks good doing it.

multicolored showerheads

I’ve Cut My Water Usage by 30% With This New Bluetooth Showerhead

The pastel blue fixture even texts me when the water is perfectly hot.

console table with yellow pendant light

Eco-Friendly Lighting Goes Beyond Flipping the Switch When You Leave a Room

LED bulbs are only the beginning.

white bathroom shower curtain opened white and turquoise striped tile

Upgrading Your Shower With Kohler’s New Fixture Could Save You 40% on Your Water Usage

A warmer, longer soak? Yes, please.

fall time yard with cork house

This Sustainable, Soundproofing Exterior Siding Is Cooler Than Clapboard

And it’s half the cost of cedar.

cork house facade

This Sustainable Material Is Coming to an Exterior Near You in 2022

And plenty of places inside, too.

Yellow Door in Dublin Ireland

What Sustainability at Home Will Look Like in 2022

It's time to swap your gas stove for an induction cooktop.