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I have never been one to relish in long, steamy showers—I get bored too quickly. Plus my New York City rental’s showerhead left a lot to be desired in the pressure department, not to mention it always sprayed a little too far to the left, leaving me to huddle against the side wall to get the best angle. And yet I still was curious about how much water I was using, even during my sad, short bathing routine—and obviously I craved something a little less, well, rental. Enter Hai’s bluetooth showerhead. 

The thing that immediately makes the Hai different from the other DTC showerheads out there is all of its techy details. The Bluetooth-enabled sprayer connects to an app that tells you how much water you’re using, how long your showers last, and (my favorite) when the water is the perfect temp—a scalding 105 for me—so you can know exactly when to hop in. 

If you’re wondering why you’d ever want an app for such a quotidian task, tracking your water usage is a great way to manage your environmental impact. For starters, the Hai is available in two water-pressure options: 2.5 gallons per minute and 1.8 gallons per minute, the latter meeting the U.S.’s strictest water standards, which some states require. 

Once I synced it to my phone—it will send you notifications with weekly summaries of water usage, average temperature, and time spent—the app sparked my competitive nature. I now challenge myself to get in and out as efficiently as possible—it’s become a fun little game. When I started using the Hai, I noticed I was taking 20-minute-long showers, which added up to a little over 36 gallons of water per shower. But since I started tracking, I’ve gone down to just 9 minutes and 13 gallons. No multiple karaokes of Taylor Swift’s 10-minute “All Too Well” here! 

Hai’s app homepage.
My monthly data summary.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring your phone in the bath with you. A handy light in the middle of the handle will turn green when you’re in the clear for gallons of water used and the shower is fully heated (if you choose, you can have it text you when it’s ready to go), but the light turns yellow, and then red, when you’re nearing the cap of the recommended limit of 20 gallons. Luckily the app tracks based on individual shower, not by day or week. So both of my roommates (and I) can have a shower without the angry red light shining down on each of us for using too much water in a single day.

Recently, Hai introduced a new feature: the Fuse, an attachment that connects to the base of the showerhead and, along with dissolvable tablets, infuses your water with one of three scents (named Energy Boost, Relax, and Repair), each meant to provide aromatherapy while you bathe. A friend tried one out—Relax, a calming mix of lavender and sandalwood—and said while she wouldn’t infuse every day (one tablet equals one shower, so they can go quickly), the subtle scent added oomph to her shower, much like hanging eucalyptus in there. The Energy Boost one even has caffeine and mandarin in it to awaken the groggiest of morning people.

Installing the Hai took about five minutes, though I was a little bummed that, unlike other DTC models, it doesn’t come with its own tools. But to be honest, removing my original showerhead was the hardest part of the process, next to choosing what color to get among the six options. (Ultimately, I went with pastel blue to match my towels.) 

One thing to note: If, like me, your shower lacks storage, maybe opt for a corner shelf to hold your shampoo and conditioner—the tube can get in the way of a caddy that hangs from the pipe. 

At $250, it’s on the pricier side, but knowing I can uninstall and take it with me from move to move helps justify the cost (not to mention it’s currently on sale for Memorial Day weekend). Plus how often do you get to coordinate your bathroom fixtures with your favorite hand towels?

red handheld showerhead
Infusions Smart Showerhead in Persimmon, Hai ($198 was $249)