Not to Be Dramatic, But This $30 Target Organizer Transformed My Bathroom

Cluttered shampoo bottles, begone.

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My dream bathroom has cobalt blue zellige tiles and an arched nook carved into the wall to hold my shampoo bottles—sourced, ideally, from some Gwyneth Paltrow–sanctioned shoppe specializing in natural beauty products. 

My current bathroom is about 30 square feet, with nary a niche in sight. Its most prominent feature is an ultra-narrow shower whose lack of storage has been the bane of my existence since I signed my lease more than a year ago—or, at least, it was. Then, one day, I had a lightbulb moment in a Target aisle. It was matte black, it was adjustable, and it was only $30—I picked up the Steel Corner Pole Caddy and never looked back.

The idea of hanging a caddy in my bathroom was never appealing; the showerhead ones scream dorm room, and the tension poles can run super-expensive. This option, from Target’s affordable Made by Design line, is as good as it gets. The sleek, minimalist silhouette and matte black finish make it look high-end. Water stains that you might easily see with a silver option are nowhere to be found, and it’s also rust-resistant. 

It was a breeze to install—this is coming from a person who once cried while assembling an IKEA table—and equally easy to take apart two weeks later, when my superintendent spontaneously decided to regrout the tub. (Manhattan apartments are full of surprises!) To facilitate the storage of tall bottles and bulky containers of bath salts and scrubs, the shelves are adjustable. There are even slots made specifically for the caps, so when you’ve reached the end of your favorite conditioner, you simply invert it to squeeze out every last drop. 

Most important, it has decluttered the edges of my shower and, in doing so, completely transformed the bathroom. Whereas before, my tub ledges were cluttered with upwards of 20 products, they’re now entirely bare. Not only does this make cleaning less of a hassle, but it also makes the whole space feel lighter and tidier—gone are the days of strategically stacking body washes so they don’t tumble down. It may not be a zellige alcove, but at least I can have an organized bathroom. For the time being, that’s more than enough.