Published on December 26, 2020

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Courtesy of Walmart

Hello, 2021! We’ve never felt more ready for a fresh start than we do now. And while a new year, in actuality, doesn’t really mean anything different—especially as we continue to spend most of our time at home—at Domino we use it as a prime opportunity for organizing—and lots of it. For us, no room goes left unturned: bathrooms, entryways, even the dreaded kitchen pantry. The goal is to streamline every square inch of your home by making sure you have a place for everything—and that everything is in its place.

Our ideal storage solutions are smart, stylish, and budget friendly—and the eight pieces here are just that. With everything under $30, consider the motivation for your New Year’s tidying spree found.

These color-blocked (and collapsible) canvas bins work equally well in adult or kid spaces, corralling all walks of clutter—from office supplies to socks to toys. Try lining a few on the top shelf of your closet to create some eye-pleasing repetition in an otherwise busy storage area.

When it comes to kitchen storage, the term of the moment is decant. These classic glass jars are ideal for everything from flour to cereal to individually packaged kids’ snacks. Storing pantry staples in uniform containers isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—it makes finding items in the deep depths of your cabinets easy.

There’s a reason these super-slim velvet hangers are so popular. Their low profile means you can fit more clothes in your closet, while their textured fabric covering keeps clothes from slipping off or stretching out. Bonus: Using just one hanger type will keep things clean and orderly—extra points if your wardrobe is organized by color. 

Stash these two-tone woven baskets next to your sofa as a place to keep extra throw blankets, or tuck them under a console. They’re a great solution when your storage is going to be on display. 

A set that clears space on our vanity? Yes, please. Group your go-to beauty supplies on this ceramic tray for easy access, and store cotton balls or makeup rounds in the coordinating lidded box.

Designed to sit on top of the back of your toilet, this divided storage basket will help you take advantage of some often underutilized bathroom real estate. Its compartments are sized to fit a standard roll of TP (making it a great place to stash a backup roll or two), but it works equally well for storing miscellaneous essentials like a dry brush or hair ties.

The versatility of this minimalist seven-hook wall rack knows no bounds: Use it to hang cleaning rags in a laundry room, coats in an entryway, or towels in a bathroom.

Upgrade your entryway, mudroom, or closet—and avoid the dreaded shoe pileup—with this two-tier pinewood rack. It’s beautifully simple and has enough room for eight pairs.

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