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The Latest In Kids' Rooms

Erin Fetherston at craft table with two kids

24 Matching Bins Is Erin Fetherston’s Secret to a (Relatively) Clean Playroom

Crucial, given it’s the first thing visitors see.

kid grabbing things off shelf

Marie Kondo’s Home May Be Messy These Days, But Nestig’s New Storage Is Here to Corral the Chaos

There’s a shelf for every type of kid.

twin bed

We Not So Secretly Want West Elm Kids’s New Toy Baskets for Closet Organization

The company teamed up with cult-favorite sweater brand Misha & Puff.

wallpapered nursery with a crib and a colorful mobile

The Closets in These 6 Small Nurseries Hold Way More Than Baby Clothes

Put the crib in there, why don’t ya?

man playing with baby

Tan France Designed a Pastel Crib to Go Front and Center in His Son’s Tropical Nursery

His Nestig collaboration will transport little ones to the depths of the jungle.

pale yellow sunroom

The Dreamy Pool Is Just a Bonus at This 1875 Home on the Best Block in Charleston

See: The vanilla playroom and absorbing green den.

child going down blue indoor slide

When Friends Sleep Over, This Playroom’s Double Bunks Are Also Front-Row Movie Seats

Across the way, the play gym secretly stores toys.

blue quilt on bed

A Shape-Shifting IKEA Bed Helps This Attic Go From Guest Room to Office

Even the closet doors got a makeover.

girl at desk

A $14 Paper Towel Holder Plays a Unique Role in Jordan Ferney’s Daughter’s Room

Six-year-old Simone has a thing for washi tape.

The Sanity-Saving Organization Products 7 Moms Swear By

The Sanity-Saving Organization Products 7 Moms Swear By

From colorful caddies to repurposed wine crates.

floral bedroom with cabin inspired bed

This 9-Year-Old’s House Bed Is So Cozy, Her Family Lugged It All the Way From New York to Chicago

A whimsical space made for a future vintage collector.

red mantel against green jungle wallpaper

How a Mom Pulled Off a Superhero-Themed Bedroom Without a Cartoon in Sight

An artsy IKEA bed hack is involved.

wicker elephants over bed in kid's room

An Old Art-School Hack Helped This Designer Mom Customize Her Kids’ Wardrobe

The bedroom ceiling got its own crafty treatment.

close-up of white nursery with orange canopy

The Curvy Crib Backdrop in This Houston Nursery Will One Day Turn Into a Headboard

Overhead, a stripy ceiling takes the place of a mobile.

dark house exterior

When This Family of 5 Packed Up for Birmingham, They Took Brooklyn With Them

These days, people watching takes place from the porch.

vintage lounge chair upholstered in kilim fabric

St. Frank’s Founder Loves This Kind of Fabric for Nurseries, Including Her Own

Plus her non-permanent take on a statement wall.

child in wheelchair at scalloped purple desk

Designing Inclusive Spaces for Kids With Disabilities Goes Back to the 5 Senses

What feels comforting is different for everyone.

colorful closet interior

The Coziest Hangout in This London Home Was Previously the Barely Used Dining Room

With the kids all grown up, the house is following suit.