You’ve probably heard of chip clips, those handy bag-closing devices that came around in the ’80s to keep your Fritos fresh. But I am not here to discuss a chip clip. The IKEA Bevara sealing clips are so much more than chip clips. In fact, a chip clip could never.

Unlike the clothespin-like classic, the slim plastic Bevara seals your snack bag closed instead of just pinching it in the middle. To use it, you unclip one side to make a V-shape, put the open end of your bag in between its two arms, then snap the arms closed. It’s that easy. 

Some people say that flour or sugar is a pantry staple, but to me the Bevara is the ultimate can’t-live-without-it kitchen product. (Speaking of, how do you think I seal my flour and sugar bags anyway?) Over the year that I’ve owned them, I’ve used them to close bags of popcorn, farro, dried macaroni, oatmeal, and even Kewpie mayonnaise. The plastic has a little bit of give, so there’s nothing it can’t fit between its tongs. (Though I’m not brave enough to test it on a bagged liquid; the seal isn’t that strong.)

The best part is, and I’m sorry for not mentioning this sooner, IKEA sells the Bevara in a set of 30 clips (20 two-inch pieces; 10 four-inch pieces) for just $3. I’m a writer not a mathematician, but according to my algebra (hold please while I refer to the calculator on my iPhone), that means each clip is just 10 cents each. And because they come in such large quantities, I’ve never employed all 10 of my four-inch clips, for example, at the same time. That means there’s always one ready when snack time hits.

I know it seems silly to get this excited about something so simple, inexpensive, and readily available. But the joy that these multicolored snapping closures give me is pure. I’m not saying a regular chip clip won’t take you where you need to go (and there are some cute ones out there these days), but the IKEA seal is the real deal.

Bevara Sealing Clips, Ikea ($3)

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