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Bobby Berk Brought This $75 Beach-Day Essential Into My Life

It. Holds. Everything.
Collapsible wagon in a backyard

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Every once in a while a product comes into my life and I simply cannot comprehend how I functioned prior to its arrival. And not to be dramatic, but a collapsible utility wagon is one of them. 

I first encountered my beloved tote bag on wheels while in Los Angeles styling a shoot for Bobby Berk. I had to haul a mind-boggling amount of props and supplies from a basement garage to the fifth floor—and then through a maze of hallways to get to where we were shooting. (As fancy as the title stylist sounds, when it really comes down to it, you’re a glorified schlepper—and even I found the task at hand daunting.)

To my extremely pleasant surprise, I was greeted at the elevator by a member of Berk’s team, who had come to the rescue with two wagons that fit every single one of our props (from rolls of cork to dozens of picture frames to coffee-table books) and then some. After that everyone on set had to listen to me go on endlessly—for the rest of our two days together—about how smitten I was with the wheeled wonder.

The minute I got home I tracked one down for myself, and I’ve never looked back. Its uses are many and it has saved me—mostly from working harder than I’d like to—on countless occasions. In fact, a need for it comes up so often that I now just keep it stashed in my car at the ready (it folds up in seconds with the pull of a handle to a compact 5-by-19-by-18.5 inches). In the last week alone I’ve used it three times.

First, to haul a bunch of packages—way too many for me to carry—to the post office. Without my foldable four wheels, the task would have taken me at least two separate trips to my car (and two separate waits in line). 

Second, when I showed up at a rental property we booked for the weekend and realized that our parking spot and the location where our bags/cooler/pool floats/wine needed to be were not at all close—superhandy wagon to the rescue! 

Third, while en route to meet friends at a local swimming hole, I got a text: “Did you bring your wagon?” The spot where they had chosen to hunker down was a trek—too far for this mama plus a squirmy toddler and all our swimming gear. Thankfully my trusty secret weapon was in the trunk just waiting to save the day. 

I’ve also used it at the flea market, farmers’ market, flower market, and beach and to cart off a large quantity of small pumpkins for a fall shoot. 

It’s not just me who adores this ingenious gadget. Just now, while in the middle of listing its many uses, my husband walked into the room and I mentioned what I was working on. Then I asked him if he too loves the wagon. His response: “We all love the wagon.”

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Catherine Dash

Contributing Editor

Catherine Dash is a freelance design editor and prop stylist based in Oakland, California (a recent transplant from NYC). When she’s not testing new products and writing about interior trends, she’s likely on set sprinkling her styling fairy dust for clients like Nate Berkus and Chairish, perusing blooms at the flower market, or wrangling her charming, yet wily, 2.5-year-old toddler Coco.