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When I really stop and think about it, it’s painful to add up how much money I’ve spent on $6 lattes over the course of my coffee-drinking years. As someone who doesn’t yet own a home, contemplating this number uncomfortably brings to mind Carrie Bradshaw’s realization that she had spent $40,000 on shoes—but had nowhere to live. While my estimated total might not land in down-payment territory (as some financial experts have suggested, eye roll), it would certainly cover the cost of a few very nice vacations

My path toward breaking this costly habit started with an acknowledgment that I wanted to change my ways, and it was aided by the fact that I now—thanks to a very active and opinionated nearly 2-year-old in my life—need caffeine as soon as I wake up (aka it can no longer wait till I can get to my neighborhood coffee shop). However, I attribute my success with drastically reducing my barista-made espresso drink consumption to neither of those factors—not even to my fear of never becoming a homeowner. For me, the real game changer was the W&P Porter mug ($25). 

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Similar to my Sonos speakers and Oral-B electric toothbrush, the Porter mug is one of those “how did I live without this” products in my life. Instead of waiting to get my caffeine fix once I’ve left the house, I now start my day by brewing a cup of tea in this mug. And because it’s ceramic and stylish, it doesn’t feel like something I got as conference swag. Then once I’m ready to walk out the door, I pop on its BPA-free, splash-resistant lid (it has a silicone-trimmed rim that suctions it into place) and bring my tea on the go with me—that could mean in the cup holder of my little one’s stroller if I’m in for a day of mommy-ing, or my car if I’m heading to the flower market or a shoot. 

The exterior of the mug is wrapped in a matte silicone that’s not only comfortable to hold but keeps it from feeling too hot and makes it extra grippy, so you can keep a good grasp on it. The design is understated and minimal—which makes me happy. 

I continue on my morning sipping from this mug, and I later realize that the day went by without even a thought of popping into a coffee shop—and I’ve managed to avoid the $6 latte for another day. 

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Porter Mug – 12oz, W&P ($25)