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Chicken and rice soup with garlicky chili oil; ricotta and oregano meatballs; quiche Lorraine—the shelves in my fridge were brimming with tasty leftovers. Since I moved into an apartment with a bigger kitchen (and one that isn’t a few short feet away from my bed), I’d been cooking a lot more—yet I still couldn’t bring myself to take lunch to work (until recently). 

My old mismatched containers left much to be desired. They didn’t fit in my daily bag (which meant schlepping an extra tote), were known to spill or break open at the slightest brisk movement (which resulted in many stained bags and clothes), and always mysteriously melted in the microwave (making them warped, stained, and altogether unappetizing to eat from). Then I got my hands on one cult brand’s alternative: W&P’s Porter Seal Tight Bowl

It costs $30. Sure, it’s more than your average Tupperware, but instead of plastic, it’s made from glass (with a microwave-proof protective silicon casing), so it’s not only friendlier to the environment, but it will last longer. Plus, it has a twist-cap that prevents any spills (and the need to buy a replacement meal). But best of all, the shape (slimmer and taller than a regular Tupperware container) means that it easily tucks into my everyday handbag alongside my wallet and other trinkets. 

For the past several months, takeout spicy salmon rolls, chicken tacos, and seasonal market bowls had been on heavy rotation. At $15 a pop, it added up fast—that’s nearly $4,000 a year spent on deskside miso soup and grain salads. Now I’m a bring-your-lunch-to-work convert.

I simply throw leftovers into my bowl at night and pop it into my bag before leaving the house the next morning—no extra totes, no precariously balancing the container worrying it might spill. In the evening, I rinse and repeat. The only question left is what to do with the extra $75 a week.

Porter Tight Seal Bowl
Porter Seal Tight Bowl, W&P Design ($30)

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