By Anna Kocharian

Published on March 29, 2017

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Photography by HOLLY BECKER

Spring-cleaning isn’t complete without a major declutter, and we know exactly where you should start. Certain decor myths can have you thinking your space isn’t complete without a specific item (or lots of them). Today, we’re debunking myths, and rounding up the things your space can totally do without. Save a little space (a little money), and a lot of stress. 


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Photography by JEREMY LIEBMAN

An Oversized Coffee Table

If you’re lacking space or want to embrace a minimalist approach, bring in a simple side table (or two!), instead.

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Window Treatments

Skip the drapes or blinds in lieu of a vibrant color detail instead! We’re taking major style cues from this stunning kitchen.

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A Top Sheet

Skip the top sheet! Duvet covers can be removed and tossed into the wash. Bonus: it’ll be even easier to make your bed in the morning. 

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Photography by STYLE AND CREATE

Extraneous Seating

As far as living rooms go, there are only so many ways one can furnish the room. Multiple chairs? That’s a commodity one can certainly go without. The assortment of side stools and chic lounges can make for an eclectic space, but a pared down look with fewer chairs would look just as great!

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Photography by THE LINE

The Bench at the Foot of the Bed

This decorative accent often runs the risk of doubling as a holding spot for the day’s (or even week’s) worth of clothing and accessories. 

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Photography by BROOKE HOLM

Wall Paint

With enough bright and vibrant elements in a room, a lack of color on the walls will go unnoticed. Renters, take note!

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Identical Dining Chairs

A uniform set of dining chairs is a thing of the past. Switch things up by mixing and matching or swap a few out in lieu of a bench. Bonus points if it matches the table!

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Oversized Plants

Fiddle leaf fig trees, we’re looking at you! The occasional fresh cut florals or potted succulents can give a space all the greens it could need. Plus, they require much less maintenance! 

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Photography by WEST ELM

Entryway Furniture

The bench, the side table, the coat rack, the console – these things add up! Outfit a tight entryway with a versatile piece – like this gem from West Elm – instead of the traditional getup. 

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A Nightstand

When your bedside essentials entail little more than just a smartphone, it hardly makes sense to devote an entire piece of furniture to it. Suddenly, a streamlined wall shelf seems to be enough.

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Photography by STYLISH 365

The Standard Outdoor Setup

We’re all for swapping out outdoor furniture in lieu of more versatile pieces, which can also work indoors. How’s that for double duty?

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Photography by DESIGN SPONGE

Clunky Filing Cabinets

We’ve long entered the digital era and these outdated pieces hardly deserve a spot in your home. Palm-sized hard drives should do the trick. If you’ve got a bit of paperwork you just can’t bear to part with, a desktop folder organizer is a much better option. 

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Photography by AMBER INTERIORS

The Pillow Pile

Sure, we love a good throw pillow or two, but your sofa or bed can do without a mountain of them. After all, there has to be room for you as well!

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Photography by REFINERY29

Bar Carts

Bar carts don’t come that small, and in the square footage-challenged space, they definitely don’t deserve the precious floor space they require. Opt for a compact tray to house your collection of spirits and barware. 

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Photography by SFGIRLBYBAY

Table Lamps

Swap these oversized and space-grabbing pieces for sleek sconces.

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Small-space dwellers can finally rejoice! The tiny square footage allocated for a “closet” no longer needs to be stuffed with clothing. A garment rack that can live within the confines of the bedroom can hold just about every essential a closet would. On a related note, may we suggest a bed with built-in storage?

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Photography by BLOOMANDCO.COM.AU

Bathroom Stools

Sure, a stool can make for a chic shampoo storage spot, but the edges of the tub or shower will do as well if you’re short on square footage.

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Photography by HARPER’S BAZAAR

Layered Rugs

Mix and matching patterns and rug types can be quite a decorative challenge but we’d be hard pressed to deny that a single rug can make just as much of an impact as a layered pair.

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Photography by SUGAR AND CLOTH

A Media Center

With wall-mounted TVs and a lack of digital devices (remember VCRs?) there’s little use for the media centers that span the entire length of a wall. Instead, utilize a chic storage unit such as a console.

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Photography by WOOD & WOOD STOOL

The “Accent Piece”

There’s no need to go out of your way to purchase an item for the sole reason of turning it into the room’s focal point. Unless you find a piece you simply can’t part with! Recreate this decorative scheme with items such as a chair paired with a vibrantly patterned pillow. 

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Photography by HOMEYOHMY


Hear us out. With Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, we find ourselves watching more “TV” on our laptops than on a television itself. Just think of all the other ways you could use up that space instead.

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Photography by SARAHKAYE.COM

The Assorted Food Storage Solutions

Free the pantry outfitted with every imaginable container you’ve managed to collect throughout the years. A cohesive grouping of food storage solutions can help keep the space clutter-free. 

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Photography by ADORE

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen doesn’t have to be exclusively composed of wall-to-wall cabinetry. Designate an area for floating shelves to house the more eye-catching items or utensils. On the plus side, it’ll provide the kitchen with a more light and airy feel!

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Photography by WEST ELM

A Bed

For the small-space city dweller who often has to choose between a sofa and a bed, opt for both in the form of a sleeper sofa or daybed. 

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A Vanity

The old-school storage vanity is covetable in theory but a wall-mounted shelf paired with a mirror can function just as well!

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Photography by MYDOMAINE


Bookends may have become more decorative than functional – simply placing a horizontal stack of books agains the rest will achieve the same goal!

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The Wall-Mounted Jewelry Display

We’re all for showing off our accessories but when it comes to storing them, we’re in favor of the classic jewelry box. 

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Photography by DOT & BO

A Pouf

It’s hard to pass on this decorative staple but when pressed for space, a compact stool or side table may be a more versatile alternative. 

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A Dining Table

Instead of the traditional dining room set, opt for a versatile kitchen table with a fold-up function.