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Courtesy of Airbnb

It’s fair to say our wanderlust is kicking in right about now. Whereas we might regularly be getting ready for trips to the South of France or small Italian islands, this year we’re virtually jet-setting by planning international-inspired evenings at home and stalking dreamy vacation properties online. It looks like we’re not alone: According to Airbnb, guests are using their wish lists as aspirational bucket lists, increasingly turning to the platform to motivate their future travel plans. 

The most popular spots hint at a common theme—they’re mostly either warm-weather escapes or secluded cozy cabins. Whether it’s a private riad in the heart of the Moroccan souks or an eco-friendly Balinese hideout, we’d definitely like to social-distance in any of the top 10 destinations all summer long. 

There’s another unifying factor: From oceanside villages to mountainside retreats, people are prioritizing the country over the city. Cabins are the second-most-searched-for listing; no surprise, given that we already know spending time outside is proven to boost your happiness and well-being, and taking regular walks in nature can actually increase your life span

While we wait for the okay to travel, we’ll be finding little ways to make the most of what outdoor space we do have—upgrading our patio furniture, for example, or setting aside time for gardening. You don’t need a plane ticket to find your zen outside. 

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