Published on July 23, 2019

Sometimes, a freshly brewed cup of coffee just isn’t enough to wake you up. There are days when you need a little extra help—and what better helper than a mug that’s so delightful it energizes you just by holding it? Tall or squat, skinny or curvy, the best cups of the moment have one feature in common: a quirky novelty handle. 

From spirals to extra-long C-curves, we’ve been spotting tons of mugs that lend a good grip in the most exciting ways. You almost don’t even need caffeine.

The Teensy Squiggle

Who says you need a whole handle? Neenineen’s mug fits ergonomically into your hand while also looking a bit Seussian.

The Chubby Cup

Pair Erin Smith’s fabulously rotund mug with an equally plush doughnut and just try to keep a smile off your face.

The Simple Shape

Who said handles need to be round? If you fancy yourself a sophisticate, this Japanese mug, with its sleek square handle, was practically made for you.

The Cult Favorite

The oversize handles on Workaday Handmade’s cups are just as important—if not more than—the vessel itself. It makes for a pleasing silhouette, no?

The Wiggly Wave

The best way to commit to this trend is to opt for a mug that really goes with the flow, if you know what we mean.

The Extra-Extra-Long One

If you really need a hand, look no further than this hyperbolic handle.

The Loop-de-Loop

When that 3 p.m. latte starts to feel ho-hum, mix things up with a cup that’s as fun as a day at the carnival.

The Highlight

Recreation Center’s mugs are cool all over, but we like that their handles get an extra-vibrant treatment.

The Full Circle

These mugs by Mérida Anderson are the grown-up version of the mini-handle teacups you had as a kid.

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