This New Product Adds a Drawer’s Worth of Storage to Your Kitchen, No Reno Necessary

And for less than $200
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Photography by Amy Neunsinger; Styling by Kate Martindale

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There’s a reason kitchens these days tend to have way more drawers than lower cabinets. It’s easier to store (and get to stuff) when you can just slide it toward you instead of crouching down and sifting through a vast cubby. Take it from a serious cook like Molly Baz, who has put tremendous thought behind each and every drawer in her butter yellow kitchen: They just work better. 

But what if your kitchen has very few drawers to begin with? Or what if you’re like our style contributor, Julia Stevens, and your kitchen doesn’t have any drawers at all? Don’t stress—and definitely don’t overcrowd your cabinets. Now thanks to Yamazaki Home’s new Countertop Drawer With Pullout Shelf, you can add one to your space for just $160.

microwave on drawer
Courtesy of Yamazaki Home
bowl of rice on shelf
Courtesy of Yamazaki Home

The system appears to be designed to actually cure countertop clutter. The sturdy steel shell allows you to place larger items that weigh less than 37 pounds on top, such as a microwave or coffee maker, and anything you might typically leave out around it, like tea towels and tinfoil, inside it. Also within the roughly 15-by-18-inch box? A pullout shelf that can support a mug or bowl of cereal, helping to make up for the loss of surface area. 

Other than taking up a chunk of prep space, the drawer comes with one other caveat: It is only available in black and white. Each option is great if you’ve got, say, soapstone counters or Chantilly lace cabinets, but be prepared for it to stand out in your space a bit more than a custom addition. Though it certain spaces, visitors might not be able to tell the difference.

Countertop Drawer With Pullout Shelf, Yamazaki Home ($160)