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We Could All Use This Calming Bathroom Upgrade (No, It’s Not Eucalyptus)

It also makes for a great holiday gift.
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We will go to great lengths to turn our bathrooms into mini sanctuaries. For example, hanging a bundle of eucalyptus inside the shower and waiting for the heat of the water to release the soothing aromatherapeutic powers of the plant. Granted, this trick is pretty effective (it can reduce sinus inflammation and help you breathe easier), but if you want a truly sensory experience, you should consider updating your fixtures. 

Kohler’s highly anticipated Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker is officially available to purchase (the company first announced the launch at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January). The Bluetooth-enabled tool is 100 percent waterproof, so you can have a quality jam session, zone out to your favorite podcast, or, if you’re feeling daring, catch up on the news, all while getting ready—multitasking at its finest. The magnetic showerhead holds the detachable speaker in place, but it can be removed for charging after nine hours of play time or if you just want to stream your audio in another room. 

While fancy rain showerheads can cost up to $800, the Moxie rings in at $180, making it one of the most affordable updates you can give the space (it also beats retiling the floor and walls). Save it for yourself or gift it to the tech-savvy friend in your life. We’ll take all the zen we can get right now. 

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