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Gearing up for summer is half the fun: Revamping your sandal collection, finding a vacation-perfect swimsuit, and snagging that pair of sunglasses you’ve been eyeing kick off major warm-weather vibes. But what if we told you that the season’s accessories are just as important as those new sunnies? After all, both help you revel in the return to sunshine. Think about it: That statement beach towel, the genius cooler, the perfect deck chair are as much a part of your style as your favorite outfit. To help make every part of your aesthetic summer-ready, we gathered the outdoor essentials that will maximize your lounge time in style.


Sure, your beach umbrella prevents sunburn, but it also acts as your ultimate summer-style springboard. Try a bold print to bring out your inner maximalist or a tiki bar vibe if you’re going tropical. Let a fringed, poolside classic transport you straight to the Italian Riviera, or focus on functionality and sport a fold-up number for easy transportation. And if clouds threaten, take shelter under your stylish protector, at least long enough to race back to your car.

Water Bottles

We all know how important it is to drink water throughout the summer heat. Staying hydrated on hot, humid afternoons means more high-energy minutes to devote to fun. Gone are the days when hydration awareness meant carrying around a bulky, unattractive water bottle to stay cool. Consider one with a built-in speaker for pool parties, a collapsible one for days on the go, and one in fun shapes and colors to slip in your mini me’s lunch box. Trust us, H2O has never looked this good.


It’s so easy to grab the ratty towels from the laundry room when rushing off to the beach or pool, but try elevating your waterside vigil with a towel as eye-catching as your swimsuit. Pamper yourself with one so soft it could double as a blanket, or choose a lightweight, foldable option if you’re looking to free up some space. Or what about a round shape to switch things up? And even though we can’t all splurge on an Hermès scarf, the brand’s bold print towel could quench the thirst of any luxury-parched beach dweller this summer.


Let’s face it, we all know coolers don’t necessarily scream style. But the picnic must-have is having a moment and, surprisingly, there are tons out there that merge function and form into one perfect rosé-holding necessity. You can now put your chilled snacks over your shoulder in the form of a trendy, chic bag perfect for biking (throw in a stainless steel ice pack while you’re at it); tap a cooler-turned-keg for any celebration; or show up in style with a classic that has a little something extra, whether it be a pop of color or a leather-clad exterior (yes, you read that correctly—leather coolers are a real thing). These options will make you the instant life of the party…even before you crack open the first frosty bottle.


Easy to transport, colorful, and comfortable, the perfect beach chair should have personality and sturdy style. Whether you’re going for a budget-friendly Chinatown shopper vibe, athleisure in chair form, or an iconic Wassily updated for the sand and surf, you can find a versatile favorite for any mood. And the best part? If you play your cards right, many options can shift from outdoors to indoors as soon as the weather changes, adding colorful, casual flair to any space at any time of year.

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