Published on May 29, 2019

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The shift from rainy spring to sunny spring is always a glorious one: People are in better moods, the weather does that thing where it’s exactly the same temperature inside as it is outside, and the brighter side of the street calls out to you like the Pied Piper一all good things. It’s also a sure sign that outdoor entertaining season is upon us. Thanks to DIY and Done, Walmart’s destination for making outdoor projects, decor, and organization look easy, you can get to entertaining al fresco sooner than you think. You just need the right supplies.

Start the evening with some singalong Hall and Oates and let the sun set to Etta James. Your ambient soundtrack will be provided by this rechargeable speaker rock. It’s just like the ones they have at Disneyland.

There’s something very kitschy in an Amy Sedaris kind-of-way about a plot of fake grass. Think of this one as an alternative to an area rug. If you spill a cocktail on it, you won’t have a patch of dead grass to remind you.

Add ambiance and carry on the capiz shell trend with this windchime, which is the equivalent of cool girl earrings for your patio.

File this mid-century modern planter under “things that look twice as expensive as they actually are.”

And while you’re at it, file this six-seater dining table under ‘furniture that is cute enough for indoors but hearty enough for outdoors.’

Imagine how cute you’d look rotating cobs of corn on a forest green grill in breezy linen trousers.

This pulley mechanism allows you to yoink your hanging plants down to a reasonable height, water them, and return them to their original suspended glory when finished. It takes away the dread of caring for plants that typically require a ladder to reach. Bonus: For your next party, you can use it to hoist up a piñata.

Use these monogrammed pillows to spell out subversive messages across your patio furniture. Suggestions: WHY, IMHO, OOTD, or AHHHHHHHH.

You know that starry-eyed feeling you have when you’re surrounded by loved ones and laughter? Induce that feeling within your guests with these remote-controlled fairy lights.

After a busy weekend of entertaining, you’ll need some self-care. A privacy screen can help section off a larger open space, which means you can play to the human instinct to find comfort in small spaces. Make a cozy reading nook in an unused corner of a fenced-off backyard一you deserve it.

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