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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

A platter of chips and dip is the fastest way to feed a crowd, but plain plain old chips and salsa can be so very boring. Take things up a notch this summer and color-code your picnics with matching chips and dip. We raided the Whole Foods shelves to pair the brightest dips we could find with scoops of the same color—and ensure the pairs were matches made in taste heaven.

We recommend going all in on a monochromatic theme with accessories in the same hue, so consider this your go-to guide for color-coded picnics.

Green Food guacamole
Photography by Michael Wiltbank


Skip the tortilla chips and serve bright green guacamole with endives, a most under-rated dip vessel. Green peppers, celery sticks, and string beans are also great. If tortilla chips can’t be avoided, go for there are dozens of different options.


Some green accessories to complete the picnic: an extra large beach towel, a serving tray, tinted glasses, and palm-printed napkins.

Pink and Purple Food
Photography by Michael Wiltbank Photography by Sally Honeycutt

Purple and pink

The beet horseradish hummus will quickly become a snack staple. It’s delicious and a delightfully purply pink. Munch on it with purple potato chips, or for a healthier option, go for purple carrots or roasted beets.

Purple placemats, a bright serape blanket, and shimmery mugs will complete the scene.

Blue and Orange Food
Photography by Michael Wiltbank


Whole Foods’s roasted red pepper hummus doesn’t skimp on flavor, or color. Pair the orange spread with sweet potato chips—trust us—or carrots, if need a healthier bite.


Match your picnic tablescape to your snacks with this ready-to-go basket set, a two-toned bowl, and pom-pom blanket.

The Best Whole Foods Dips for a Colorful Summer Picnic
Photography by Michael Wiltbank


Whole Foods’ in-house brand has some of the best dip options. The jalapeno hummus packs a spicy punch, and its yellow hue pairs perfectly with cheddar-colored cauliflower. Traditional yellow corn chips would work great, too.

Make a sunny setup with mustard napkins, a lemon-hued picnic basket, and a bright cotton throw.

Blue and Pink and Purple Food
Photography by Michael Wiltbank Photography by Seth Smoot


Blueberry cream cheese sounds like something that should only go on a bagel, but this fuchsia spread is surprisingly great on salty blue corn tortilla chips. Try it with blue potato chips or blueberries, too.


Have a blue beach cookout with navy cocktail napkins, a pale sky blanket, cerulean tumblers, and royal blue-ringed plates.

Green and White Food
Photography by Michael Wiltbank Photography by Seth Smoot


All-white parties are are a regular summer affair, so make the food match the fashion. Tzatziki yogurt dip is a refreshing option, especially when served with cucumber slices. Endives, cauliflower, or white asparagus would also work.

Complete the dinner en blanc with a fringed blanket, white dishes, and ivory napkins, and tote your goods in a canvas field bag.

Blue and White Food
Photography by Michael Wiltbank Photography by Seth Smoot


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