Everything Domino Editors Are Buying to Actually Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions in 2024

From kitchen must-haves to fitness finds.

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It seems like New Year’s resolutions are easier to break than to keep, but maybe that’s because they aren’t followed by a motivating purchase. If Domino style editor Julia Stevens’s fancy new gym membership isn’t enough, she’s investing in flattering workout clothes to get her in the weight room (don’t worry, she doesn’t plan on taking any gym selfies). Our home editor, Lydia Geisel, is looking to have a little direction with weeknight dinners, planning inspired meals ahead with the help of a buzzy cookbook. And because photo director and new mom Andie Diemer is hoping for some much-needed sleep, she’s snagging the Oura Ring to track her journey. We’ll be sure to report back on our thriving new habits in 2025. 

Julia Stevens, style editor

Resolution: To finally have upper-body strength.

In my cart: Workout clothes to give me confidence in the weight room. 

Airlift Suit Up Bra, Alo Yoga


I’m certainly not the first person whose New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, but considering I just joined Equinox, I think I actually have to do it this year (the only way to justify the membership cost is to become a gym rat). I specifically want to work on my upper-body strength, but like at every gym, the weight room can be more than a little intimidating—especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. My sister just started working at Alo Yoga, and everything I’ve purchased so far is super-flattering. Wearing an Alo set not only makes me feel like a pro, it gets me excited to wake up early and pump iron. Needless to say, I’m putting in my next order ASAP. 

Lydia Geisel, home editor

Resolution: To plan weeknight dinners more than five minutes in advance.

In my cart: A cookbook whose title says it all.

The Cook You Want to Be by Andy Baraghani, Amazon

$35 $20

I have a bad habit of waiting until it’s 6:30 p.m. and I’m hangry to wonder: What should I make for dinner tonight? While meal prepping doesn’t totally feel achievable at this stage in my life, I’d love to be a better meal planner and mock up a menu of healthy, easy recipes at the start of each week. The title of Andy Baraghani’s debut cookbook alone makes me feel encouraged, and it comes highly recommended by my chef-ier coworkers. There’s no reason to wait until the last second when you have a bible full of satisfying dishes like fall-apart caramelized cabbage and tangy pomegranate chicken.  

Julie Vadnal, deputy editor

Resolution: To stay in more.

In my cart: Hosting accessories that bring the party home. 

Love Is in the Hair Puzzle, Le Puzz


Pistachio Stripe Runner, Dusen Dusen

$62 $48

After a couple of post-pandemic years of intense traveling and going out, I’m really ready to nest again. From now on, if there’s a dinner party, I’m hosting it, so bring on the puzzles and cozy slippers. Sorry, I can’t go out tonight; I have plans at my apartment. 

Samantha Weiss-Hills, managing shopping editor

Resolution: To stay excited about running until marathon training starts.

In my cart: A music-enabled watch and fancy bath products for a rewarding post-run shower.

Forerunner® 255S Music Watch, Garmin

$400 $350

The Bathhouse Edit, Flamingo Estate


I spent the back half of 2023 running—a lot. The miles I put in were enough to gain me entry into the 2024 New York Marathon, my first 26.2 race. But sometimes it’s difficult for me to get out the door and rack up the distance needed for training, and it’s extra-hard when I’m looking at a 10-month stretch until my goal. To stay motivated until it’s time to really lock in, I need products that’ll keep me excited about hitting the pavement all through winter and spring. A smartwatch that is music-enabled means there’s less for me to carry while I bump tunes out there, and staying stocked with fancy bath products means I have a decadent, post-run shower to come back to. 

Brit Ashcraft, design director

Resolution: To travel more.

In my cart: Easy accessories I’d look forward to packing.

3D Zip Set, Baggu


The Cashmere Relaxed V-Neck, Everlane


Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C, Laneige


I’m ready to shed my pandemic shut-in habits and travel more. I consider myself a connoisseur of black sweaters, and Everlane’s oversize cashmere style is easy to pack and classic enough to go with everything. Next on the list: Baggu’s lightweight travel cases that keep everything organized and clean, from shoes to cosmetics. And lastly, both at home and away, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask will be by my side every night of 2024. It’s not too goopy or glossy, and the slight pink hue brings a little life to my lips, even when I’m jet-lagged. 

Andie Diemer, photo director

Resolution: To get more sleep.

In my cart: The wellness Ring everyone’s talking about.

Horizon, Oura Ring


Silk Sleep Mask, Drowsy


To be the best mom you can, you need to make sure you’re caring for yourself. Since welcoming a baby earlier this year, there has been a ton of focus on sleep—just not my own. Now that my daughter is 7 months old, I’m ready to invest more time into making sure I’m fully rested. The Oura Ring tracks 20 biometric signals and provides personalized health insights—from daily stress and sleep scores to early illness and period detections—to flag when I may need to shift more of my attention to myself. And from everything I’ve heard, Drowsy’s silk sleep mask is perfect to help sneak in an extra daytime nap. 

Belle Morizio, photographer + assistant photo editor

Resolution: To keep my tiny apartment organized, starting with the bathroom.

In my cart: A superslim rolling cart and colorful glass canisters. 

Yamazaki Home Rolling Slim Bathroom Utility Cart with Handle, Amazon


Glass Container, Hay

$35 $11

One area of my home that always gets a little crazy throughout the year is my bathroom. Living in a smaller New York City apartment doesn’t leave many options for storage. That’s why this slim Yamazaki rolling cart will be perfect for storing cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper. I plan on keeping the open side against the wall to conceal clutter. While I’m at it, I’m also planning on ordering a few of these (very on sale) Hay containers, which are the perfect size for cotton swabs and pads and so much cuter than drugstore packaging.