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Martha Stewart accomplishes a lot in a day, but we knew that before watching her new class on MasterClass. Part one dropped this week, following Stewart around from the moment she wakes up until she feeds her donkeys their nightly sugar cubes. We attend the farm staff meeting, ride from her Bedford, New York, home to a Manhattan test kitchen for a chocolate cake taste test, sit in on a cleaning product review, and get a peek at potential covers for her 100th book—during which she shares profound advice to help you, too, transform your passion into a billion-dollar business. 

Other than our notepads full of tips, the one thing we can’t stop thinking about is Stewart’s eight-step morning routine. Starting at 5 a.m., she begins her day with Pilates and green juice. Let’s just say, Gwyneth Paltrow would approve. While following her exact agenda might be a tad ambitious, we’re considering her routine the ultimate inspiration for our 2024 resolutions. Because while these tasks might just take place during one part of the day, they have a positive effect on everything that follows. “Green juice, Pilates, doing puzzles, and cardio may seem like ordinary activities, but they all boost my mental and physical energy and set the stage for me to get a lot done,” Stewart explains. Read on for full details on each step and, more important, the products we’re buying to do them with ease. 

5 a.m. Alarm

Stewart doesn’t put curtains on her windows—she’s always woken up at daybreak at 5 a.m. “Regularity in a day is essential to being an orderly person,” she says, and that starts the moment she opens her eyes. 

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Pilates has helped Stewart strengthen her body significantly, she explains, but it has helped her state of mind, too. “Exercise is an essential part of the everyday,” she declares. 

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Stewart then takes a shower and resumes her schedule. (Psst: She keeps it clean by drying the walls down after every use.)


Whatever skin care Stewart uses is clearly working—the icon is 82, but you’d never know it. Slathering her body with “creams and potions and toners” every morning might have something to do with it. In a Martha Stewart story, she shares the exact products she swears by, which we are most definitely clearing space for in our own medicine cabinets. 

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Drink Green Juice

Stewart uses the vegetables from her garden—spinach, ginger, mint, parsley, celery, and cucumber, to be specific—to make a delicious green juice every morning. She does not add kale, though. Why? Because kale makes you burp, and “burping is rude,” she explains. This Breville juicer that conveniently doubles as a blender sits on her kitchen counter, so naturally we want it on ours (it happens to be on sale right now).

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Sit for Hair and Makeup 

Now that Stewart is hydrated on all fronts, her makeup artist of 15 years arrives from NYC. Stewart wants to look pretty, but not too made up, and that likely involves some of these go-to products shared by the artist herself.

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Read the News 

Stewart is nothing if not a multitasker, and she uses her glam time to read the newspaper on her phone and see what she’s missed during the night. 

Complete Puzzles

Once she’s done reading the main headlines, she’ll do a few puzzles on her phone. Stewart explains that “it’s not to prove anything; I have a rather agile mind, I think.”

Enjoy One Cappuccino 

Stewart was trained by a barista to make a delicious cappuccino with the best coffee and milk, and enjoys exactly one before she officially begins her day. To no one’s surprise, she uses a commercial-grade La San Marco espresso machine—no Nespresso pods on this farm. 

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