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Goop has a reputation for selling over-the-top products—remember the gem-encrusted diaper that launched this spring?—and it knows it. This year, the Gwyneth Paltrow–founded brand embraced the over-the-topness with a slew of holiday gift guides in which the selection rings in at a total value of around $900,000 (there’s even a curated list of “Ridiculous But Awesome” presents that range from a vintage Ford Bronco to a 10-ounce gold bar). Because not everyone’s budget allows for a $250,000 car or a chunk of precious metal, we dug through all 10 of Goop’s gift guides and more than 500 products  to see if there were actually any reasonable ideas in the mix—turns out, there are! Before you write off the lifestyle site for being too extra, check out these $40-and-under finds your friends and family will love. 

A Pack of Nature-Inspired Incense

One part incense, one part not-your-grandma’s potpourri, these washi-paper leaves from Kyoto-based POJ Studio are as lovely to look at as they are to smell. With spicy jasmine, agarwood, citrus, sandalwood, and smoky cinnamon, each one offers a subtle winter feeling without going full-on fir fragrance.


A Bookshelf-Worthy Board Game

For the person in your life who is always trying to get a game night together, this Bauhaus-esque box is full of prompts that will get groups thinking, laughing, or debating over a variety of topics, from worst dates to irrational fears. Plus it will look great on their coffee table in between parties. 

A Sauce Cute Enough for the Counter

Just about everything that comes from Michelin-starred restaurateur David Chang is a crowd-pleaser. Save this soy sauce set for your sushi-loving BFF who will appreciate its fun, laid-back label as much as the flavor.


A Cleaning Set to Get Excited About

We’ve all witnessed the host who starts cleaning up before you’ve even finished your plate. The neat freaks in your life deserve this cotton candy–colored starter pack of detergents that keep the vibe festive as things are winding down. 

A Lunar Cycle Tracker With Good Looks

If you know anyone whose vocabulary includes manifestation, cosmic connection, or high vibrations, this tear-off moon calendar will help fuel their daily dose of good energy. Plus the recycled paper’s gold-leaf edge is a chic nod to the celestial orb they admire. 


A Conversation-Starting Puzzle

Forget about crossing the road—this playful 1,000-piece item begs the question “Why is that chicken wearing a cummerbund?” There’s no right answer, just a good time for whomever is trying to put all the bits together.