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Goop has a reputation for selling over-the-top products—remember the gem-encrusted diaper?—and it knows it. This year, the Gwyneth Paltrow–founded brand embraced the over-the-topness with a slew of holiday gift guides (there’s even a curated list of “Ridiculous But Awesome” presents that range from a $14,580 backgammon set to an island rental in Fiji). Because not everyone’s budget allows for a $400 block of Parmesan cheese that’s aged 24 months, we dug through all of Goop’s gift guides to see if there were actually any reasonable ideas in the mix—turns out, there are! Before you write off the lifestyle site for being too extra, check out these $40-and-under finds your friends and family will love. 

A Holiday Scent That Doesn’t Involve Candles

One part incense, one part not-your-grandma’s potpourri, these washi paper leaves crafted on Awaji Island are as lovely to look at as they are to smell. With spicy jasmine, agar wood, cedar, fir, and sweet ginger, each one offers a subtle winter feeling without going full-on cinnamon fragrance. 

A Weed’s Worst Enemy 

Pesky weeds that pop up next summer stand no chance against this multiuse tool that is ideal for both digging and cutting, meaning you can get down to the roots of unwanted greenery growing in your garden. Bonus: The small niche at the base near the handle can be used to slice twine and open a beer bottle. 

A Facial Whenever You Want It

Give the gift of saving money on spa treatments with this roller that reduces puffiness, tightens skin, and calms redness. 

A Picnic in a Bottle

A 100-milliliter glass flask of olive oil plus fresh sourdough bread equals a low-lift snack when you’re on the go. 

A Next-Level Butter

While you’re at it, sneak this truffle butter into your basket (it can be used with anything from pasta to popcorn). 

A Proper Countdown

Forget Siri and set your cooking timer the old-school way by dialing back this retro clock (it can go for up to 60 minutes) and moving on to the next task. 

A New Year’s Resolution

If you want to track your goals for 2024, start with this manifestation pad that serves as both a journal and a planner.