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Rashida Jones remembers her first really good decor score. “I was in my 20s, living in New York in a studio apartment, and I [walked] by a rug auction,” Jones recalls. “I knew nothing about rugs, but I saw this antique rug hanging on a banister and I asked them if they would put it up and they did.” The Parks and Recreation star started to panic, though, when bidding for the 5-by-7 rug started at $10,000. “I began sweating,” she says. Luckily, in the end, no one else was interested in it, and she snagged the piece for $700. “That’s probably my proudest design moment, and I still have it in my house,” adds Jones. 

While she clearly loves the hunt for antiques, Jones’s latest decor score consists of seven new items from BR Home (Banana Republic’s furniture brand) that are currently en route to her house. We caught up with Jones to find out what exactly she added to her cart, plus her shopping plans for the holiday season. 

The Furniture Style I’m Currently On Board With

I’m not feeling corners right now. I’m liking things that are round and soft. I ordered a couple things that I’m very excited about: the Lydia Mirror, which I love because it’s a bit traditional, and the Lisbon Bookcase (it’s not easy to find a rounded bookshelf!). 

The First Thing I’d Grab in a Fire 

A marble sculpture that was my mom’s—it’s of a reclining woman. I couldn’t grab it in a fire, but it really makes me very happy. 

My Favorite Little Luxury 

Celebrity photo

Suede Hand Wash, Byredo ($68)

I always have fresh-cut flowers in my house, and I love Byredo’s Suede hand soap—it’s so good.

The Design Decision That’s Stumped Me 

I’m starting to learn that there’s some implicit color theory that goes into a palette for a room. For instance, I was [re]doing my media room and looking at all these beautiful, rich colors, but I had a white couch…and a white couch is just not going to work. The base color becomes so important. 

What I’ll Be Gifting This Holiday 

tea cup set

5 Piece Minoyaki Folk Inspired Teacups, Etsy ($82)

I was recently in Japan and got a lot of beautiful pottery and little teacups. I’ll probably give those to people. The craftsmanship and the artistry are so beautiful and refined. And I find that anytime I give pottery to somebody, they’re just so happy to have a delicate, beautifully made thing in their house. I don’t really want to get presents or give presents that aren’t personal or really beautiful and unique.

What I Want This Holiday 

gray blanket

Mongolian Cashmere Throw, Quince ($129)

Any kind of gardening gift. And I’ll never say no to a cashmere blanket, because I’m always cold.

What Else Is in My BR Home Cart