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It’s not shocking that a Tony-winning actor like Jesse Tyler Ferguson is always on the road. Whether he’s jetting around the country for his new podcast, Dinner’s on Me, or celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary in Greece, the surprising part is that more often than not, the Modern Family star usually reserves his own hotel stays just like the rest of us. Proof: He booked his most recent trip—a sweet Father’s Day staycation with his family at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica—through Citi Travel with Booking.com, which he partnered with for the vacation. 

Because the busy host and dad of two is on the go, he does his best to make any hotel room feel like home as much as possible. We asked Ferguson to share his travel must-haves, from the souvenirs he actually uses to the toiletries that upgrade his counter space. 

How I make hotels feel more like home: 

The first thing I do is unpack. When I get back at the end of the night, everything is right where it should be and it feels like a space you’re actually inhabiting and not just borrowing. When we’re traveling with Beckett, I always pack a pair of his sheets with us. (MiliMili has great sets and sleep sacks that we love.) Having sheets that smell familiar in the hotel crib is important and makes him feel comforted. 

The hand sanitizer that goes everywhere I go: 

I used to feel like whatever smells like alcohol is good for me, but because of the past few years, it feels like brands have really stepped up. My favorite is Touchland—it has great fragrances. They’re cute, they’re really slim, and they’re square so they fit into any bag without taking up a lot of space.  

The packing cubes that changed my life:

I’m a recent adopter of these and I don’t know what I’ve been doing all these years, but I love a packing cube. I go to Muji for its spray bottles and bathroom organization items, and it has great packing cubes as well. 

Luggage I’m loving right now: 

I have a few pieces, but the one I have from Away is definitely the one that I’m enjoying the most. It’s so lightweight, and the colors are unique—it stands out among the sea of black bags at every airport.

My must-have toiletry: 

I love Marvis toothpaste. It’s a little more expensive than something like a Colgate, but there a lot of flavors, and the tube looks really pretty on the counter.

Mess-free in-flight entertainment that tames my toddler: 

Beckett loves arts and crafts, and a great product that’s not messy and is easy to travel with is called Water Wow. It’s like this magic watercolor pad where the paint is inside the pages. You fill a little paintbrush with water and it doesn’t leak, but when he brushes the pages, the color comes through. He has me do it with him sometimes, and it’s really soothing on a flight. 

Souvenirs I actually use at home: 

Sometimes I’ll buy something in a foreign country, like a caftan or something flowy, and think it’s great. Then I get home and I’m like, “This is ridiculous; I can’t wear this here!” Now I try to find something that has some practical use, and I gravitate toward trinket boxes. I recently stayed at Los Poblanos Ranch in New Mexico, and they had this beautiful pewter box I had to have. Now it sits on my bedside table and keeps things like my earbuds, and Beckett loves to put his travel treasures in there as well.