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There are two things you can count on during a Vogue “73 Questions” video: learning fun facts about a celebrity and, simultaneously, watching them awkwardly walk backward as they move around their house while trying to face the camera. The latest A-lister to navigate the on-the-go interview is Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently celebrated Goop’s 15-year anniversary. But unlike some other stars, Paltrow clearly mapped out her path for the video beforehand. During the shoot, which took place in her Amagansett, New York, backyard, Paltrow and her interviewer walk through an open gate that is being propped open by—wait for it—her Oscar. 

Celebrity photo

“My doorstop. It works perfectly!” she says as they enter the yard. While we wouldn’t put it past Paltrow, who has done some fairly outrageous things in the past (like launch a “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle and put a $250,000 car in her Goop gift guide), her team recently confirmed that she does not in fact use the Academy Award she won for her performance in Shakespeare in Love in 1999 as a doorstop. So then we assumed she’s probably in the market for an actual doorstop that is equally as impressive as her statuette but slightly more durable. Here are four alternatives we have in mind.

Terrain Cement Ball Doorstop

door stop

Cement Ball Doorstop, Terrain ($88)

In an alfresco setting like Paltrow’s side yard, this 11-pound cement ball can weather any storm. 

Rabitti Leather Doorstop

green ball

Nodo Leather Doorstop by Rabitti 1969, Abask ($445)

Given her eye for unique items that break the bank, we think this vintage-inspired option that sort of looks like a volleyball could be a top contender.  

CB2 Snake Bookend/Doorstop

gold snake

Wyatt Brass Snake Bookend/Doorstop, CB2 ($70)

This brass-coated snake can hold open doors or keep books on a shelf from toppling over. 

Studio Gorm Pidät Doorstop

cone shape door stop

Pidät Stop Doorstop, Finnish Design Shop ($50)

The secret to this doorstop’s durable and flexible construction? It’s made from recycled shoe soles.