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Goop’s Nashville Pop-Up Is Stocked With Unexpected Wellness Products

We never knew we needed a vampire spray.
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Gwyneth Paltrow is taking Goop on the road again. The lifestyle company is continuing its series of pop-ups with a 1,200-square-foot outpost in Nashville that includes a shoppable market and a debut café selling locally brewed iced coffee and kombucha. The Goop MRKT, which opened its doors today, will run through December 1 and feature a series of Matcha Mornings cohosted by Ancient Nutrition

The events are far from the only feel-good moments. If you’re overdue for some self-care, you’ll definitely want to browse the stocked wellness aisle. Probiotic household cleaners, rose quartz drinking straws—the brand has made a habit out of staying ahead of the game. Here are a few far-out finds to add to your tote: 

The Fall Drink 

While everyone else is sipping Earl Grey this autumn, sprinkle a single-serving packet of antioxidant-rich matcha into your mug.  

The Good-Vibes-Only Fragrance

Ward off unwanted odors (and, um, vampires) with an essential oil spray that smells like lavender and rosemary.

The Fresh Start 

Believe it or not, these ultra-soft makeup-removing cloths only require water (no cleanser!) to do their job.

The Final Stretch 

“Body Whisperer” Lauren Roxburgh designed this foam roller to feel like a deep-tissue massage. Take it with you to the gym or keep it handy in the living room for something fun to do during commercial breaks—it’s chic enough to leave out. 

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