Heads-Up: It’s Now Less Expensive to Buy Than Rent in These Cities

Maybe it’s time to reconsider a mortgage.
Dining room with French doors

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If rent-week dread has only grown since you moved into your apartment a few years ago, it’s time to investigate whether a mortgage would be easier on your wallet. Depending on where you live, it might just be the more affordable option. A new report from First American Data Tree found the top cities for buying versus renting by looking at a few different factors: median rent, median home price, and monthly house payments.

Memphis, Tennessee, and Birmingham, Alabama, claimed the top spots for hopeful home buyers, positions they’ve held for a few years now. This time around, though, Pittsburgh; Jacksonville, Florida; and Oklahoma City made their way into the top five, with monthly home payments coming out to $536 (compared to $799 for renters), $845 (compared to $1,071 for renters), and $668 (compared to $852 for renters), respectively.

Oklahoma City, in particular, is growing into a design hot spot. Not only is it the most affordable place for first-time home buyers, according to another report released earlier this year, but it will soon have its own impressively designed contemporary arts center (the surface is clad in reflective recycled aluminum), slated to open next month. Interactive art installation Factory Obscura also has plans to expand its space in the city’s downtown neighborhood by the summer. Endless inspiration and budget-friendly listings? Sold.

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