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When hunting for truly great gifts for men, leave the so-not-his-look sweater that’s destined to be a dust collector on the rack. The best way to wow your male-identifying giftees—father, brother, partner, and friends—is by sending them little luxuries that’ll infuse their daily routines with something extra.

Our picks for great gifts for men range from a trend-resistant weekend bag for your partner and a pair of stylish socks that’ll humor your Gen-Z bro to a waterproof speaker for a beach-going buddy and even a firepit to warm up your always-outside dad. For more recommendations, keep scrolling through our full roster, which will satisfy every discerning dude on your holiday shopping list.

Our Great Gifts for Men Hit List 

Great Gifts for Brothers and Brothers-in-Law

Girlfriend Collective Good Sport Crew Socks

Girlfriend Collective White Crew Socks
White Good Sport Crew Sock, Girlfriend Collective ($14)

Help your bro stand out in a sea of Nike Dri-Fit mid-calves. These tube socks have added compression at the arch, which means they can easily go from the street to the gym in style. Made from recycled plastic water bottles, the “good sport” logo adds some flair to the fit. Save $4 by buying a set of three, which may also help him put off laundry day just a little longer.

Loop Experience Earplugs

Black ear buds
Experience, Loop Earplugs ($30)

Growing up, did your brother regularly sneak out to catch midnight shows? And is he still first in line to see the latest band? These sleek plugs by Loop will protect those precious ears without encroaching on his style or the sound (it’ll just be a little less loud). And since each set ships with a variety of silicone foam sizes, you don’t have to fret about finding the perfect fit.

Branch Verve Office Chair

branch verve chair in mist
Verve Chair in Mist, Branch ($599)

If your brother’s a gamer, remote worker, or both, then allow us to suggest this actually good-looking ergonomic chair. Crafted by New York–based DTC furniture company Branch, the Verve chair achieves a rare balance of modern design with lumbar-supportive comfort. It also doesn’t hurt that the stylish seat is both Domino approved and iF Design Award winning. While, yes, it’s quite the investment, rally the rest of the family to chip in on a practical present he will 100% use.

Nécessaire The Body Trio Set

Body Wash, Serum, and Lotion
The Body Trio Set, Nécessaire ($50)

If your sibling’s shower caddy is outfitted with a single bar of soap, kick-start their skin-care journey with Nécessaire’s three best-sellers. This limited-edition set of full-size body wash, serum, and lotion is an easy enough routine to adopt. 

Rock Cloud Folding Table

black foldable table
Folding Table, Rock Cloud ($20 was $27)

This tiny table weighs in at just under 2 pounds, but it can handle more than 20 times that. The flat, waterproof surface unfolds in seconds to plop onto the floor of your brother’s tent or in the trunk of his car at a tailgate. If he’s in need of something bigger, there’s also a picnic-size version that offers 15 extra inches of surface area for just 1.5 pounds and an additional $18. 

Mortlach 16 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

All you need to wrap up a good bottle of scotch? A big, floppy bow. Mortlach is a 200-year-old distillery located in Scotland’s famed Speyside region. Through its unique 2.81 distillation process, it produces 12-, 16-, and 20-year aged single malts, among other limited editions. We’re partial to the 16-year—it’s matured in sherry casks and features a noseful of bramble, orchard fruit, and spice. Gift one with a few glasses to make it a set.

Great Gifts for Dads and Fathers-in-Law

Tombolo Hawaiian Shirt

Gifts photo
Mar di Gras (Olive), Tombolo Company ($128)

C’mon, no great gifts-for-men list is truly complete without a Hawaiian shirt. And coming from a Domino editor who gifted it to her own Hawaiian shirt–obsessed father, we can confirm this one is a crowd-pleaser. Whether you go for the holiday-appropriate red and green colorway, above, or the springier Sunny Disposition style, these thoughtfully crafted shirts will give your dad more of what he already covets—only much cooler.

Cigar Matchboxes

Gifts photo
Cigar Match Box, Set of 3, HomArt ($18)

A clever yet useful stocking stuffer for your stogie-loving pops or FIL. Sold in packs of three, these boxes feature dual-sided cigar illustrations and hold 50 quality matchsticks in each.

North Face Men’s Thermoball Traction Mules

Red Puffer Slippers by North Face
Men’s Thermoball Traction Mule, North Face ($60 was $69)

If your dad never quite remembers to take his shoes off at the front door, these extra-cozy slippers may finally convince him to make it a habit. Insulated with a thick rubber sole, North Face’s mules are comfy and warm for schlepping around the house, but provide enough padding and support for dipping out to the yard or mailbox (just don’t tell Mom). 

Craighill Cal Bookends

Pair of Nickel Bookends by Craighill
Cal Bookend, Craighill ($120)

These chrome bookends inspired by caltrop weaponry are a great sculptural addition to any office space, no matter if your dad’s bookshelves are filled with classic literature, car magazines, or binders of paperwork. They’re solid and sturdy enough to hold it all up. 

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Firepit

Mesa Stainless Steel Solo Stove
Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit, Solo Stove ($90 was $120)

A pint-size pit for wherever your pops needs a little warmth (or a light for his cigar). This smokeless Solo Stove is small enough for a patio table and better than his tiki torches for adding an ambient glow. The classic stainless steel exterior is certainly the most affordable, but for a few bucks more you have your choice of five fun colors. 

Bernd & Hilla Becher Monograph

Black and White photograph on cover of coffee table book
Bernd & Hilla Becher Monograph, The Met ($50)

This absorbing monograph on the work of influential photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher will suit all kinds of fathers, whether they’re interested broadly in architecture and the postwar period or focused on more niche topics like the Industrial Revolution or machinery. (One dad we know took his toddler son to the Metropolitan Museum of Art just to see the accompanying exhibition many times over.) The pages are filled with the duo’s iconic, arresting black-and-white typologies, as well as essays from scholars and an interview with the couple’s son.  

Great Gifts for Guy Friends 

Character Essential Set

Essential Set, Character ($295 was $355)

Character’s Essential Set is an aptly named starter pack. But unlike that Husky bag that can quickly become a disorganized bottomless pit, this modern toolbox is designed to keep screwdrivers separate from wrenches. Plus your pal may never have to tap a TaskRabbit again. The purchase also comes with one full year of unlimited Expert Support—meaning if that YouTube video on how to switch out a ceiling light just isn’t making sense, they can dial up someone who can walk them through the project step-by-step. 

Dad Grass x George Harrison All Things Must Grass Dad Stash

All Things Must Grass Casette
All Things Must Grass Dad Stash, Dad Grass ($42)

A clever way to hide your flower. At first glance, this limited-edition container looks like an old cassette tape—specifically the former Beatle’s 1968 album—but just so happens to be the perfect size to hold a five-pack of the brand’s prerolled CBD joints

Fermented Reality Outdoor Cups

Plastic craft beer cup
Funk Outdoor Cups, Fermented Reality ($13)

Our list of great gifts for men wouldn’t be complete without a red Solo cup upgrade. Craft brews of any kind can be poured into this dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and shatterproof IPA-style glass with a modern rippled stem. 

Recess Pickleball Paddle

Gifts photo
Mojave Pickleball Paddle, Recess ($68 was $86)

If you and your buddies are missing out on some form of friendly competition, do like the rest of the U.S. has over the past couple of years and give pickleball a try. All you need is a paddle and ball to play, so buy one for yourself and three of your friends.

Great Gifts for Husbands and Partners 

Ezcaray Scarf

Soft Ochre Wool and Mohair Scarf
Mia Foulard, Ezcaray ($85)

Sometimes the easiest way to have influence on your significant other’s wardrobe is to simply gift them the very item you’d like them to wear (and that they normally wouldn’t pick out). Case in point: this cozy mohair-wool blend accessory that’ll keep them warm—and looking smart!—for many winters to come.

Laundry Day Cube Grinder

An aluminum weed accessory that can be placed front and center on those just-styled shelves, Laundry Day’s cube grinder is a functional sculpture for the partner who likes to partake. It’s made of four detachable parts (two for grinding, one to collect what you’ve ground, and one to gather excess) that have a magnetic closure and a scoop to help with packing.

Brooklinen Superplush Robe

Caramel Striped Robe
Super-Plush Robe, Brooklinen ($99)

This Turkish cotton robe is as absorbent as a towel but soft as a blanket. We love that the Brooklinen staple offers a range of sizes, cuffable sleeves, and an adjustable belt. Snatch up the limited-edition striped caramel for your partner, and he’ll likely spend every weekend lounging in it. 

Soft Services New Spice Buffing Bar

Don’t sleep on simple yet effective grooming essentials when hunting for great gifts for men. The skin pros at Soft Services just debuted a new version of its highly rated best-selling exfoliant bar, and its universally appealing scent New Spice—like a “warm autumn hug,” one reviewer says—will make a fan out of your partner (if they weren’t one already). If you want to gift the whole shebang, the starter set comes with a drying rack and splash guard.

Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

Green portable speaker by Sonos
Roam Portable Speaker, Sonos ($179)

Ten hours of battery life? Voice-enabled? Drop-proof and water-resistant? This portable Bluetooth speaker is primed for outdoor gatherings. It can tag along to the tee box, on the boat, or wherever your person spends his free time. 

Rains Weekend Bag

Weekender Bag in Tan
Weekend Bag, Rains ($95)

If your partner refuses to get rid of their old Adidas duffel even though it’s fraying at the edges, discreetly replace it with this elevated weekender. It’ll fare far better through security lines and overhead storage thanks to its rip- and waterproof exterior. 

Therabody Theragun Mini

Mini Theragun
Theragun Mini, Theragun ($199)

The Theragun is like a PT treatment at home for the runner, lifter, or go-to guy for rearranging heavy furniture. This mini massager will pound out and loosen sore muscles, taking the guesswork out of how much pressure you need to apply. And since it weighs less than 2 pounds and is only 6 inches wide, they can bring it with them wherever they go.