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Wedding welcome baskets tend to fall under the category of non-essential. And while they are extra, both in cost and effort, they do contribute a personal touch (they’re prime for customization) that sets the tone for the good times to come. 

Wedding planner extraordinaire Jove Meyer is a big fan of the concept, and often whips up an assortment of items that are meant to last all weekend long—from the moment guests arrive to the morning after the big day. He suggests a bundle with sweet and savory snacks and something to hydrate. “I also include a little recovery kit for the partying they are about to partake in,” Meyer adds. When possible, he also likes to include guests’ favorite foods, local items, or branded accessories like custom stickers. 

To take out the guesswork, we had Meyer share his recipe for crafting the ultimate gift package. 

Start with Paper Bags

The container is just as important as what is inside, so we encourage couples to get creative with them, advises Meyer—think a colorful paper bag, a tote, or an ornate box.

Paper Gift Bags

Add a Smattering of Snacks

Salt and Vinegar Chips are a classic,” says the planner, “Plus, they help soak up the fun times had at the wedding. Everyone loves a good gummy treat, so add those to the bag too, along with chocolate, which is always a fan-favorite.” Meyer usually opts for a hazelnut-filled bar, instead of peanuts, as a precaution to allergies.

Gummy Watermelon Rings

Throw in a Dash of Water

Hydration is always key, notes Meyer, and a bottle of still or sparkling water is a small touch that weary travelers will surely appreciate. 

Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water

Plus Some Post-Party Provisions

“In anticipation of the evening, we love to provide guests with the self-care items to help them feel their best and make it to brunch on time,” says Meyer. Pack an additional bag with stain remover wipes, ideal for those who have a little too much and end up spilling on themselves… or on others. Add mini Advil Packs to help alleviate that hangover pain the morning after, as well as bug repellent wipes, if it’s an outdoor wedding. To go the extra mile, throw in something for a little extra fuel, too—think electrolytes! 

Wine Wipes
True Wine Stain Removing Wipes

Don’t Forget the Sweet Stuff

Fill a small pouch or mini drawstring bag with little candies like Tic Tacs. “Guests can pop them in their pocket and bring them to the wedding,” he adds.

Ban.do Ultimate Planner Pack

Finish It Off with After-Party Accoutrements

For post-reception, Meyer is all about equipping guests with cheeky light-up items, like glow rings and tubes, or funky eyeglasses to keep the energy high all night long.

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