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For me, falling asleep is like engaging in an art practice. The room needs to be as dark as possible, my air purifier and its soft white noise is nonnegotiable, the temperature can’t be too hot, and, most important, my Drowsy silk sleep mask must be on my face. If you’re not familiar with Drowsy and all its cloudlike glory, you’ve come to the right place. 

Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask

The Fit: Never Too Tight

Prior to trying Drowsy, I was sleeping with a silk mask by Slip, which I loved—but I didn’t know things could get better. Now just the thought of an elastic strap makes me feel suffocated. Drowsy’s Velcro strap allows you to wear it at whatever tightness you want. Sometimes, if I’m taking a quick nap but don’t want to completely mess up my eye makeup, I’ll wear it superloose. When I go to bed, I’ll wear it more fitted so it stays in place through the night.  

The Feel: Fluffy as a Cloud

The Drowsy is padded generously, almost like a pillow for your face; I have never come across a mask with such a squishy, cushioned feel. A reviewer says it best: “This sleep mask is like someone is hugging your face.” And I concur; it does have a comforting, security blanket aura about it. The padding goes around the strap, too, which conveniently muffles sound. 

The Degree of Darkness: Blackout

Because of the mask’s oversize fit, it has next-level blackout abilities; you won’t see even a hint of streetlights or sunshine. If I go on a trip and forget the mask at home, I wind up waking up at the crack of dawn (talk about a vacation buzzkill).

The Silk: 13 Shades of Pure Mulberry

The Drowsy is made from 22-momme, pure mulberry silk, which is moisturizing and breathable. Plus there are even antiaging benefits to the material. I chose navy, because it hides any makeup residue, but the mask comes in 12 other colors. Since it’s washable, going with a lighter color is totally safe.

Very deep, dark sleep: a gift to yourself or your globe-trotting bestie, perhaps? 

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