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Summer is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than with a picnic in the park? We looked to our oh-so-effortlessly chic friends across the pond, to garner a little inspiration for throwing an easy and simple fete outdoors. From deliciously chilled brews and bite-sized snacks to party games and Insta-worthy decor, here are all the essentials for a guaranteed good time. 
The basics of a picnic begin with the textiles, namely a cozy throw that’s large enough to fit your party (you may always layer on a few more blankets, if needed), a sturdy picnic basket to lug all your gear around, and a chic cooler—we’ve got our eye on this one—to keep your brews and spirits chilled to perfection. 
Here are a few of the essentials that went into our picnic basket:
The pinnacle of all picnics, arguably, resides within the edibles. And who better to dictate our picnic menu than the Parisians themselves? The essentials, obviously, begin with cheese and cured cold cuts. We picked up packaged deli meats and a wheel of brie to start. A baguette, along with a loaf or two for the base, and a handful of accoutrements to garnish our sandwiches: think, pickles, olives, and fresh herbs. Since it wouldn’t be a French-approved sandwich sans a little dijon, we added that into our basket as well.
Before packing your picnic basket, pre-slice fresh veggies such as radishes and cucumbers, to later add to the sandwiches. Wash fruit ahead of time and section them of in little baggies to make them more accessible and less messy. Try freezing fruit such as blueberries or grapes, for a refreshing snack when you’re under the sun.

When it comes to the additional fruit and veggies, head to the local market and buy the items that are fresh and in season. Pack along and let your friends get creative with building their own mini meals.


Last, but not least, we’ve got the games, because you can only snack for so long. Pack along a few portable games; we love this roll-up travel game set to entertain friends long after the food has gone.

What are your go-to essentials for picnics? Sound off in the comments below.

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