Published on July 10, 2019

R2-picnic Pin It

Even if you’re in a park in the middle of a city, there is a simple magic in being outdoors with just the necessities. And by that we mean participating in the humble picnic—friends and families gathered in nature to break bread together. The total relaxation that comes with this timeless activity is the perfect antidote to our constantly plugged-in world. Call it nostalgic; we call it therapeutic. 

Gather your loved ones, make your favorite snacks and drinks, and enjoy all those things alongside a serving of vitamin D. But wait, don’t go unprepared. Equip your feast with our kit of picnic essentials, below. Every item is available on Amazon, so you can shop today and be ready to hit the park by the weekend (or in two days, more specifically).

The Statement Blanket

A great picnic is built on the foundation of a great picnic blanket. This summery striped one starts compact in a handsome harness and folds out large enough to seat four to six picnickers.

The Beachy Basket

What’s a picnic without a basket? This woven seagrass number offers solid storage, an easily accessible split-lid design, and a flat top that could serve as a table in a pinch.

The Retro Cooler

Blazing summer days call for ice-cold beverages of all varieties. Keep your cool with this classic design from Coleman. As one reviewer notes, “I took this on a two-day camping trip and I still had solid ice in it on the drive back.” So you’ll be more than set for a two-hour picnic.

The Stacked Store-All

Introducing the tiffin! The Domino team uses this for toting work lunches and we strongly recommend it. The stacked compartments allow for separating the components of your meal, and its stainless steel body makes washup a breeze.

The Très Chic Tote

Carry all your delicious summer fruits and veggies in perhaps the most inexpensive It bag of the summer: the cotton string carryall.

The Serving Station

Take your spread from blasé to soiree with three tiers of acacia wood trays.

The (Bamboo) Plates

Colorful, reusable, and biodegradable—what more could you want from outdoor-friendly dishes?

The (Bamboo) Sporks

From portobello steaks to gazpacho, these reusable bamboo sporks will be up to the task with charm to spare.

The To-Go Glasses

Choose your own adventure by using these lidded cups as snack containers, drinking glasses, or both.

The Wine Saver

Decant a bottle into this slender glass vessel for happy hour in nature.

The Unbreakable Wineglasses

No matter the terrain, these shatterproof stemless wineglasses will avert picnic party fouls.