Published on December 13, 2019

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Photography by Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson Design

There are some things we will never buy online: live animals, exotic produce, large estates. But for everything else, there’s Amazon. Slowly but surely, the online marketplace has turned Domino editors into curious couch potatoes with a small (okay, major) shopping addiction—but we’re not ashamed. 

From hard-to-find bath products to eco-friendly trash bags, the site is an endless treasure trove of extremely practical (and totally bizarre) products. Be it the utter convenience of ordering things from the comfort of our beds or the fact that everything is just so damn affordable, sometimes hitting ‘add to cart’ beats going to a brick-and-mortar store. Here, team Domino dishes on the practical (and, maybe, impractical) Amazon finds that keep us coming back for more.

Beeswax Candles

I love burning candles at home—especially this time of year—but I’m really conscious about the air quality inside my NYC apartment. These beeswax taper candles are pretty, functional, and not a hazard to my family’s or pet’s health (beeswax is smokeless!). Because I burn them pretty much constantly while at home (and the price point is hard to beat), I find myself purchasing them again and again. —Andie Diemer, deputy photo editor

Fancy Body Wash

One of the little luxuries I splurge on is Aesop body wash. It’s expensive, but it smells so good and turns my daily shower into a feel-good ritual. Nothing else really compares. I always order it with my Prime membership, so even if I order last minute, I never run out. —Gabrielle Savoie, senior home editor

Vacation Must-Haves

As a frequent traveler, I prefer ditching the mini toiletries at hotels (tempting as they may be to hoard) for shampoos and creams I’ve brought with me—that’s where these Amazon travel bottles come in. They’re leakproof and made from BPA-free silicone, and since they perfectly measure in at 100 ml, I don’t get held up at TSA. —Elly Leavitt, associate digital editor

Newly Released Cookbooks

While I love shopping small, I can’t help but turn to Amazon when it comes to scooping up the latest book releases. I may or may not be a cookbook hoarder—even though with so many fascinating titles coming out each season I can’t possibly collect them all. —Anna Kocharian, brand partnerships editor

Year-Round String Lights

String lights aren’t “cool,” but nothing makes my meager apartment feel cozier. Overhead lighting is one of my sworn enemies, so I use these to cast my bedroom (and, as of recently, my living room) in a warm glow after sunset. I buy strands with globe-like bulbs because they feel a bit more elevated; I can find them on Amazon even when the holiday season is long over. —Rebecca Deczynski, lifestyle editor

High-Tech Gear

Going into this year, my resolution was to sign up for more workout classes, so I’ve been slowly adding to my gym bag essentials. When it comes to techy products (especially ones that are more expensive), I love being able to sort through the Amazon reviews before I make the investment. Water bottles can get pretty gross after a while, but this one stays fresh (it’s self-cleaning!) and keeps my drink cold all day long. —Lydia Geisel, associate digital editor

Next-Level Trash Bags

They might not be sexy, but these are the only trash bags I’ve bought in the past six years. Living in a small apartment, it’s hard to justify bulk ordering anything even if it’s cost-efficient, but this is my exception. The box takes up minimal room under my kitchen sink, and the bags are at least 50 percent cheaper than similar ones at NYC grocery stores and are made from 75 percent recycled materials! Best of all, each box has lasted me at least two years. —Liz Mundle, managing editor 

All-Purpose Magnets

Interior designer Alex Kalita (who, by the way, has a fantastic Amazon shopping list) turned me on to these tiny, minimal magnets, and I’ve already reordered them. They’re great for tacking up photos and other mementos on metal surfaces, as well as more creative hacks, like closing an open bag of snacks with a pair. I buy them on Amazon because I truly have no idea where else one would purchase these off the interwebs. —Cyrus Ferguson, membership manager

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