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We all have that one friend we go to for great recommendations. Whether it’s unearthing the best-smelling scented candle, discovering the next big furniture maker, or knowing exactly which new natural skincare brand will save our skin, they always seem to know best. In 10 Things, we ask our favorite creatives to share the things that make them happy so you can discover fantastic daily essentials, too.

D’ana Nuñez knows how to turn colorful illustrations into a successful business. After a move from her native Miami to Brooklyn a few years ago, the young digital artist and founder of COVL (short for Craft Onward Versatility and Lifestyle) garnered widespread attention from major brands for her signature doodlebombs. This led her to collaborate with companies like Redbull, Jetblue, Nike, and Google Home, creating anything from murals to logos, art installations, limited-edition clothing, and more.

Earlier this year, she was tapped by Instagram to serve as an art director for the social platform’s first Coachella house. In short, she’s achieved what most freelancers dream of: creating an identity so strong that brands continuously seek her out, and she’s done it all within a few short years. The multihyphenate’s strength lies in her ability to tell a story through visuals that appeal to millennials. Ahead, we asked Nuñez to share the 10 things she can’t live without, from funky sneakers to anti-stress remedies and graphic design books.


The Anti-Stress Remedy

Peace Juice, Organic Olivia ($27)

“Naturally, I am a high-stress person and over time, I have been trying products to help with my stress especially during weeks where my deadlines fall back to back. The Peace Juice is a natural remedy to combat the stress and allow you to face your task at hand with a clear mind.”

The Clean Social Lubricant

Beverage, Kin Euphorics ($47)

“I was introduced to this drink during a dinner where normally we’d drink a cocktail to warm us up and get us social. After 30 minutes of drinking Kin Euphorics, I couldn’t stop laughing yet felt comfortable and still sociable. From that point on, my mind shifted on how I could socialize, and I have been telling my friends about this product that gives you the euphoria of drinking without consuming a drop of [alcohol]. Also, the packaging does not disappoint.”

The Freelance Bible

“The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed” Amazon ($7)


“Everyone always asks me for freelance advice, and this is the book I show them. The biggest advice I can give anyone looking to dive into the freelance world is to save your money before you make the leap.”

The Feel-Good Scent

Candle Travel Set, Lit Brooklyn ($36)

“Ask any of my friends: I’ll splurge on candles. I love allowing scent to welcome people into my home. It brings them comfort and warmth, and this candle does just that.”

The 101 Guide to Graphic Design

“The Designer’s Dictionary of Color,” Barnes and Noble, Barnes and Noble ($17)

“This book is my bible and a good start when studying or refreshing up on color theory. In design, everything either has a function or a purpose… or both! And it’s imperative that I do my research before any project or campaign.”

The Magic Target Skincare Find

Green Rush Exfoliating Cleanser, Red Earth ($18)

“This was one of those products that I randomly stumbled upon during my Target escapades, and I’m so thankful that I did. This has been the remedy for my skin ever since moving to New York. The exfoliating/cleanser duo isn’t drying or harsh on my skin.”


The Ugly Sneakers of Choice

Nike Air Monarch, StockX

“I’ve lost count on how many funny remarks I’ve gotten when wearing these shoes, but my theory still stands: The funkier the shoes, the better.”

The All-Around Beauty Supplement

Probiotic, Organic Olivia ($45)

“Because to me, gut health is wealth, and all the benefits from taking probiotics has had such a positive impact on my hair, skin, and stomach.”

The Cocktail Hour Must-Have

Circle Coasters, TBD in Process ($40)

“I always enjoy a fun, quirky take on everyday needs, and it just so happens that a good friend of mine, Konner, designs and makes these out of his studio in Miami. It’s the best of both worlds, owning something fun but something that also represents home.”

The Game Night Activity for Creatives

Playing Cards, The Design Deck ($20)

“Because when you’re stuck in a rut, a little game to refresh your mind won’t hurt nobody.”


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