Published on June 9, 2019

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We all have that one friend we go to for great recommendations. From the best-smelling candle to the next big furniture maker or the new natural skin-care brand, they always know best. In 10 Things, we ask our favorite creatives to share the discoveries that make them happy so you can track down fantastic daily essentials, too.

Jennifer Rubio knows better than anyone—luggage is cool now. Traveling no longer means dumping your belongings in that hand-me-down suitcase sitting in the back of your closet. These days, chic luggage options are endless, coveted by frequent fliers around the globe. This shift in travel aesthetics can be attributed to the millennial-worshipped Away, a luggage company as trendy as it is practical. Rubio, the cofounder and chief brand officer of the Insta-famous brand, has elevated it to cult status in just three years, thanks to genius features like built-in charging docks, graphic monograms, and sunshiny colors you can’t help but post. Her latest launch: the soon-to-be-summer-staple Weekender bag. 

Rubio never planned to create the next great direct-to-consumer brand, but, after a personal fiasco involving broken luggage in a Swiss airport, she saw an opening in the market and made her move. Now as much of a jet-setter as her products, Rubio is constantly on the go, which makes her the perfect person to advise on all things travel related, from her favorite plane-perfect pillow to the scent she can’t leave home without. We picked her brain about the must-have items for our carry-ons, checked bags, and vacations. These are 10 things that make her happy, at home and away.

The Foolproof Suitcase

“It’s hard to admit that I have favorites when it comes to our own designs, but the Bigger Carry-On in aluminum looks so well traveled after circling the globe a few times.”

The Athleisure Upgrade

“I’ve been known to take long plane rides wearing a full tracksuit or even a silk pajama set. Olivia von Halle’s designs are decidedly chicer than any athleisure.”

The Purse-Size Must-Have

“Glycelene’s Seatox Mist is my facial mist of choice (I’ve tried almost every kind). The scent is divine, and I swear it helps with jet lag.”

The Personality Piece

“This Anissa Kermiche ceramic jug is a tribute to empowered women, and I love coming home to it.”

The Chic Organizer

“A tray for keeping my jewelry organized is a must, especially in hotel rooms. No more leaving rings next to the sink!”

The Quick Pick-Me-Up

“The T2 flask lets me manage my matcha habit, even on planes. There’s a tiny stainless steel whisk on the inside, so I just ask for hot water and shake in some powder.”

The Custom Scent

“I’m so scent obsessed that I created my own custom fragrance with Heretic Parfums. Its Scandalwood is another of my go-tos.”

The Dreamy Getaway

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Courtesy of La Posta Vecchia Hotel

“Earlier this year, I cohosted an event with Marie-Louise Sciò and Alex Eagle at La Posta Vecchia Hotel outside of Rome, where we brought together our most creative friends from all over the world. It left me completely inspired.”

The In-Flight Luxury

“These mini pillows are great gifts, especially when custom embroidered. They’re stylish plane pillows, too.”

The Out-of-Office Carryall

“I’m crazy for wicker, raffia, rattan—at home and on my accessories (it makes me feel like I’m on vacation!).”


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