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In our series “Shopping Buddy,” we ask our favorite in-the-know authors, actors, musicians, and tastemakers to share their most coveted home purchases, from kitchen essentials to entertaining must-haves, so that you can shop along with confidence. 

Queer Eye’s Tan France has a shopping philosophy: “I mentioned this on the first season, and I still stand by it: I honestly can never tell how much you spend on something. As long as it makes you feel good—that’s the most important thing.” 

The style expert admits that he’s a big online shopper, and in a partnership with Citi, says he relies on the Citi Shop browser extension to find the best deals. Which is why he’s the perfect person to ask about the items in his home that cost less than $100 each. 

“One of my favorites is the frame on my bedside table that holds a photo of me and my husband,” he says. “It was less than $40 and it warms my heart every day.” Here, in his own words, France shares the rest of his stylish and affordable home finds.

My Inexpensive Living Room Upgrade

Anthro pillow in golden color
Velvet Trova Pillow, Anthropologie ($98)

Pillowcases for throw pillows for my sofa and my benches. I got three textured camel pillows for under $100 each and thought they were perfect. 

The Less-Than-$50 Kitchen Tool I Use the Most 

red spatula set
Tovolo 5-Pc. Flex-Core Wood-Handle Kitchen Spatula Set, Macy’s ($25 was $51)

My set of wood-handle and silicone spatulas! 

The Happiest Thing in My Home That Cost Less Than $100

mickey mouse plush
Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Jumbo 25-inch Plush, Walmart ($30)

My son is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, so we got a plush toy. It brings us more joy in our home than anything else because he’s obsessed with it. He carries it everywhere he goes, and if I can’t get him to do something, I put on the Mickey voice and he thinks it’s Mickey talking to him. He’ll do the thing that he doesn’t want to listen to me about, like eat his broccoli.

The Bathroom Upgrade That’s Less Than $100

bathroom toothbrush holder and soap pump and jar
Lustrous Glass Bath Collection, Anthropologie ($70)

My fluted soap dispenser and a container that looks like an oversize glass for your toothbrush and toothpaste or whatever else you need! Those two things, and actually even a tray, are all items that you can get for under $100. They just freshen up your countertops in the bathroom and add a layer of refinement and sophistication.

My Outdoor Entertaining Essential

green fluted acrylic glass
Tarhong Mesa Jumbo 6-Piece Premium Acrylic Glass Set, Macy’s ($45 was $68)

Plastic cups that look like glasses! A nice fluted style makes it look like real glass and it’s just lovely. I love outdoor entertaining, but I’ve got kids and that means no glass. 

The Only Thing That Keeps My Closet Clutter in Check

clear plastic bin
iDesign Linus Medium Closet Drawer Organizer Clear, Container Store ($12)

My drawer organizers. I have all my accessories in my closets in my top drawers sectioned off with plastic clear organizers. 

The Cozy Bedding Accessory I Can’t Live Without

stack of mercury glass candles
Capri Blue Volcano Mercury Jar Candle​, Medium, Anthropologie ($36)

We always light a candle about an hour or so before bed. We go through three candles a week! 

The Object in My Home That People Always Comment on When They Come Over

Gold leaf bowl
Vietri Moon Glass Medium Bowl, Saks Fifth Avenue ($89)

Our centerpiece in our dining room is a bowl with artificial moss in it, and my guests often ask about it when they see it. It’s become quite the conversation starter. I just think it looks gorgeous. 

The Inexpensive Kids’ Room Item That’s Sooo Worth It 

shark laundry hamper
Adore Decor Sharky Laundry Hamper, Bed Bath & Beyond ($76 was $86)

A decorative laundry basket. We got one for my eldest that looks like his favorite animal, a fox, and he gets so excited to put his dirty laundry in it because it looks like the fox is eating his clothes. It becomes a playful thing.