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We know what it looks like when Tan France, one of the stars of Queer Eye, transforms the inside of someone’s closet. Now we’re getting a taste of how he’d dress up the inside of kitchen cabinets with his new collection of cookware for Caraway. The Tan France x Caraway Home Monochrome collection just launched with three limited-edition sets in moss, a deep shade of green that France says was influenced by the way he uses this “neutral” in his wardrobe; blush, a soft “of the moment” pink; and créme, for those who prefer more of a classic option. Each piece comes in a striking single shade with hardware to match, but the general makeup of the pots and pans is the same: You can still count on the nonstick, nontoxic ceramic coatings and magnetic lid organizers that make them one of our go-to brands

We spoke with France to get the scoop on how he puts these pieces (and other kitchen staples) to use while entertaining. He also shares his favorite hack for making cleanup quicker.

People are coming over for dinner tonight—I’m making:

I just made this for my castmate Anthony: a baked cod dish that I first tried in Iceland. In a pan, you’ve got the likes of soy sauce, chili, onion, and garlic, and then you add a bunch of parsley to create the bed for your fish. The combination is absolutely dynamite. It took maybe 20 minutes max, and Anthony said it’s one of the best meals he’s ever had.

My favorite organizing hack:

If you’ve got one of those utensil stands in your dishwasher, they’re compartmentalized for a reason and it’s not just so you can separate them out a bit. I group everything. So for example, all the knives go together, all the dessert forks go together. It makes it so much easier to put your cutlery away. I thought this was common knowledge, and whenever my friends come over they call me Monica [from Friends], but it just makes sense to me.

The appliance that gets the most use on my countertop: 

Definitely my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. It gets more use than most other things in my kitchen because I bake a lot. Any opportunity to fill my face, even if I have to put in the work, I’ll take it.

My biggest kitchen splurge:

This Caraway collaboration came about after someone sent me a pan while I was shooting Queer Eye. I fell in love with it straightaway and purchased the complete set in the sage color.

My best cheap thrill:

My kettle. I use it almost every day, and I’ve had it for probably five years. I got it for maybe $30 from the grocery store.

My go-to glassware for guests:

My everyday glasses are simple IKEA pint glasses, but when I have company over, I bring out these gorgeous fluted ones from Williams Sonoma. I have both the small and the tall tumblers.

My quick-and-easy centerpiece tip:

Whenever I go to somebody’s house and they’ve got a large centerpiece, I can’t talk to the person across from me, so I don’t do big fancy tablescapes. I have this long, rectangular vessel that holds moss that’s usually my centerpiece, and I put a couple of tall and short candles around it to add depth. I also often serve in Pakistani or family style, and I like a sleek and simple setting so the table is as clear as possible.