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For someone as digitally savvy and, frankly, as busy as Christiane Lemieux, we were surprised to learn that the founder and former executive creative director of Dwell Studio and the creative force behind online made-to-order furniture brand The Inside spends most of her time trying to unplug. 

Lemieux starts her mornings with stress-relieving adaptogens and burns sticks of sandalwood to cleanse the air. Even when she’s fresh off a trip to Europe (most recently, she’s been gathering inspiration for The Inside’s 2020 launches in Paris) or in the middle of writing a book (two new ones are on the horizon), the designer finds time for the little things, such as baths that smell like a forest, a good book in bed, and Trader Joe’s dry roasted macadamia nuts. The industry veteran reveals 10 things that make her happy:

The Sofa Upgrade 

Throw Pillow in Blue Lotus By Clare V., The Inside ($49)

“I love this print because it can read as graphic, whimsical, and modern all at the same time, making it really striking. Not to mention, Clare Vivier’s color sensibility is amazing.”


The Autumn Aroma

Morning Star Sandalwood Sticks by Nippon Kodo, Amazon ($9)

“When you live in New York City and the prevailing scent is exhaust fumes, it’s really important to create an environment that pulls in natural and earthy elements. I’m particularly drawn to this warm, woodsy scent for fall.”

The Unexpected Centerpiece 

Ben Seibel Jenfred-Ware Brass Bookends, eBay ($239)

“I often find things on eBay for half the price that they’re listed on 1stdibs, so I always start my search there. I’m a huge fan of Ben Seibel. I collect his bookends in my home and in our office because they’re equal parts structure and sculpture. In a pinch, you can use these to spruce up a tablescape.” 

The Natural Pick-me-up

Brain Dust, Moon Juice ($38)

“This is a great alternative to coffee at the end of the day when you need to focus but don’t want the extra caffeine.” 

The Vacation in a Canister

Blue Lotus Chai, Amazon ($17)

“India is my favorite country to visit, and the smell and taste of one cup of this instantly brings me back. It takes your senses on a trip (much more cost-efficient than the plane ticket).” 


The Lights-Out Bed Linens

Tru Sheet Set, Matteo ($305–$460)

“Bedding is one of those things that’s often overlooked, but in bed is where you spend so much of your time. I’m a real believer in the power of sleep. Because I love my sheets feeling crisp and cool, I always go for percale.”

The Day-to-Night Kicks

Golden Goose, Net-A-Porter ($495)

“These are my go-to sneakers. They’re super-comfortable, but they also offer a slight lift on the inside, adding a little something extra to any outfit.” 

The Bathtime Remedy

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 5.17.38 PM
Badedas Classic Vital Bad Bubble Bath, Amazon ($18)

“Although the packaging doesn’t jump out at you right away, this is a sleeper pick! It smells medicinal and instantly relaxes, which is why it’s my winter cold cure.” 

The Current Read

How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, Amazon ($22)

“I’m endlessly curious and have found myself on a big science kick lately. Reading before bed truncates my relationship with screens and helps me reset.”


The Carry-On of Choice

Osona Compact Carry-On, Tumi ($575)

“My Tumi bag has lasted forever, is so well made, and fits in every overhead bin. It makes my frequent travels seamless, especially as I never check luggage and often find myself on regional jets with extremely limited space.” 

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