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The ethos of Sandy Liang’s clothing brand is a blend of comfort and frivolity and nostalgia and futurism. In her most recent collection, a gray pullover sweatshirt is outfitted with Victorian ruffles, formalwear is camo-printed, and luxury bike shorts magically coexist with it all. Each is the perfect balance of practicality and fun, wrapped up in a seriously aesthetically pleasing package.

Her brand’s shop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side is further proof of her discerning eye. A pink velvet sofa, pampas grass chandelier, and massive porcelain urns work as a transformative trifecta in the otherwise all-white space, and her collaborations with design shop Coming Soon provide fashion and home inspiration all at once. Simply put: Liang has her finger on the pulse of everything fresh and exciting. Here, she shares 10 things that bring a smile to her face. 

The Custom Artwork


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My boyfriend and I have birthdays six days apart, and we both surprised each other with a commission from the same artist! It was a complete surprise to both of us. The portraits are so sweet. I love all of Cindy Sullivan’s pieces.”

The Aquariums

“We got our fish tanks from Pacific Aquarium on Delancey Street. I stare at them for probably 40 minutes every day. Our tanks are a work in progress. It’s so much fun to introduce new creatures and plants. We are the proud great-grandparents to many, many guppies. I’m secretly obsessed with fish breeding.”

The Hero Hydrator

“I have a big water bottle from Klean Kanteen, but my dream one is the exact one that Jonah Hill has in those paparazzi photos of him. It’s like a huge jug. But I won’t let myself buy it because I already have a slightly smaller one.”

The Desktop Essential

“I can’t use my laptop trackpad for longer than 10 minutes without feeling trapped. I think I’m a lot more productive with a mouse. I also got a mouse pad with my dog’s photo printed on it!”

The No-Frills Coffeemaker

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“Having a reliable and no-fuss coffee machine at our apartment has changed our morning routines for the better.”

The Daily SPF

“I wear EltaMD facial sunscreen every day—I don’t feel like myself without it. It goes on super clear and doesn’t feel sticky.”

The Perfect Underwear

“Don’t be fooled by the word ‘low-rise’—they’re actually the perfect mid-rise. This thick elasticated waistband makes me feel safe, especially during my period and when I’m wearing dresses throughout the summer.  I also love underwear from Hello Beautiful. They use the sturdiest, softest cotton.”

The Eco-Friendly Pads

“I’ve been listening to podcasts about landfills and I’m trying my best to do my part and reuse as much as I can. These are super comfy and easy to use.”

The Pet-Friendly Pouf

“A good dog bed is a must for any dog parent. We’ve gotten great ones from a bunch of different places, but most recently this one from Wild One. It’s so cute.”

The Carry-Ons

“We have military green L.L. Bean totes in all sizes and we use them whenever we travel. I love L.L. Bean anything.”

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