By Lily Sullivan

Published on January 20, 2018

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Photography by MEGHAN MCNEER

Brooklyn-based architect Elizabeth Roberts—the creative mind behind stunning shops like Ulla Johnson and Rachel Comey—favors clean lines and soft palettes to create environments both livable and functional. Here, she shares 10 things that make her happy, from new art and minimalist jewelry to the perfect bed (spoiler: It’s from Ikea). 

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Photography by DTILE.NL

Custom DTile System

You can make practically anything out of DTile’s system, allowing for really thoughtful, simple designs.

Check out Roberts’ loft, which we featured in the January 2009 issue!

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Mobile Chandelier 13, Michael Anastassiades

I’m a huge fan of Michael Anastassiades. His pieces are crazy-beautiful yet serve as functional art.

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Photography by HAY.DK

Soft Ice Deep Plate, Hay, $16

I just got back from Denmark, and I’m even crazier about Hay than I was before. These enamel plates are delicate and handmade but indestructible. 

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Photography by IKEA.COM

Gjora Bed Frame, Ikea, $429

I searched high and low for a new bed for our new house, and this Ikea model was by far my favorite.

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Photography by SEARSPEYTON.COM

Pink Flamingo by Andrew Zimmerman, Sears Peyton Gallery

I just bought an Andrew Zimmerman piece similar to this one—three-dimensional wood blocks covered in high-gloss automotive paint that hang together on a wall. It’s stunning from every angle.

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Photography by REJUVENATION

Meacham Drawer Pull, Rejuvenation, $59

This line of oak pulls feels classic and sleek.

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Photography by FOKER.COM

Modello Q.P. Burner Gas Stove, Foker

An Italian burner that is timeless and elevated, and lets you create a kitchen anywhere.

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Photography by AESOP.COM

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, Aesop, $27

Aesop’s products and stores really resonate with me. High design meets low tech, like the brand’s space in New York’s Soho featuring stacked newspapers. I always have this hand cream in my purse. 

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Photography by MARYMACGILL.COM

Tourmaline Cuff, Mary MacGill, $185

I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, and there’s a certain sensibility to all of Mary MacGill’s pieces that I love.

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Photography by ULLAJOHNSON.COM

Mona Cardigan, Ulla Johnson, $1,035

Ulla Johnson is a client and friend. This sweater from her latest collection is so snuggly—perfect with a pair of jeans. 

This story originally appeared in the Winter 2017 issue with the headline 10 Things That Make Me Happy.

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