Published on January 1, 2018

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Photography by DOMINO
Being a space cadet never looked so cool. Get a head-start on 2018 by stocking up on these future-perfect favorites.
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Photography by SHOP.WHITNEY.ORG

Constellation Star by Melissa McGill, Whitney Shop, $1,100

This lamp and its maker are light-years ahead.

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“106 Deadquilt,” Wintercheck Factory, $200

A packing blanket–turned–throw–turned–art piece for your summer house on Mars.

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Photography by MATERIAL-LUST.COM

Retort Vanity, Material Lust, $15,000


Princess Leia and Judy Jetson would agree, this is a vanity for the ages.

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Photography by NEW-STUDIO.US

New Hat, New Studio, $30

Get into a neo-futuristic headspace with this cap.

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Photography by ULINE.COM

Gridwall Panel, Uline, from $32

Totally utilitarian with all the postmodern feels, these panels could house a great shelving system for your Sun Ra album collection.

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Photography by METALPLUS

Toolbox by Metalplus, Bespoke Post, $60

The ultimate time-traveling toolbox.

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Photography by JOSEPH ALGIERI

Resin Mirror, Joseph Algieri, $450

I love this space oddity for the new future-perfect reality. 

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Tomato Jumpsuit, Liberty We Trust, $250

For the intergalactically inclined, I recommend rocking this suit. Leave the moon boots at home.

This story originally appeared in the Winter 2017 issue with the headline Back to the Future.

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