Published on May 7, 2019

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Photography by WILL ANDERSON

Outdoor furniture has undergone a major style revival as of late. Gone are the days of sad, plastic pieces, which were barely capable of withstanding an hour of inclement weather. Instead, we’ve come to see an influx of alternatives both durable and chic and we absolutely need them for our interiors.

City dwellers, consider this an opportunity to emulate an outdoor-esque feel in your square foot–challenged apartment. Suburbanites, no longer will you have to worry about storing your outdoor gear in the off months. Ahead, peruse our edit of the design-forward finds designed for your home’s exterior but versatile enough to live inside with style.

Instead of a garden stool, go for a multilevel side table

Powder-coated for a weather-resistant finish, this piece’s sweet blush tone is the perfect juxtaposition with its sleek and streamlined build.

Instead of a woven area rug, go for a silicone mat

Use it as a cushion for a wooden seat or as a pop of color for the floor beneath the sink. Whatever you decide, this one will make for an eye-catching detail either way.

Instead of velvet textiles, go for a trendy pop of color and a light raffia build

Retire bulky winter basics in favor of texturally airy and subtly patterned pieces.

Instead of sleek brass sconces, go for a saturated table lamp

This battery-operated LED light can easily transition from indoors to out.

Instead of wicker seats, go for a plush armchair

Waterproof, comfortable, and eye-catching (to say the least), this lounge is the epitome of effortless cool.

Instead of a snoozy jute rug, go for a textured landing pad

Consider this blush-toned, geometric rug an antidote to the harsh elements of the outdoors.

Instead of a teak table, go for a woven alternative

Vibrant, whimsical, and a welcome departure from the standard coffee table, this piece will give your living room the bold dose of character it’s been missing.

Instead of patio chairs, go for indoor/outdoor statement seats

This aesthetically pleasing seat is not only versatile enough for all sorts of conditions, but it can also be seamlessly integrated into just about any decorative style or space.

Instead of a bar tray, go for a rolling cart

It’s five o’clock somewhere, and this tiered trolley promises to keep the good times going and going.

Instead of a bulky terra-cotta planter, go for a wired basket

It’s a scientific fact: Your greens will be much happier in this lustrous vessel than in a stuffy clay pot.