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Welcome to The Deep Dive, a series where we search high and low for the best of the best in any decor-related category, from modern chandeliers to vintage rugs. Next up: Outdoor chairs.

People tend to approach outdoor decorating differently in various parts of the country. If you live someplace warm, from Miami to Austin or Los Angeles, chances are you’ll treat your outdoor space as an extension of your home. This naturally happens where the weather is warm and sunny year-round. But ask someone from Chicago, New York, or Boston how they decorate their outdoor space and chances are it’s a little more slapped together.

No matter how small, your outdoor space should be maximized for spending time feeling the summer breeze. That’s why we looked high and low to find the best outdoor chairs for every type of space, from a sprawling Austin backyard to a tiny New York City fire escape. We’ve even thought of how to store them once the weather turns again. But for now, pick your favorites and prepare to sip Aperol spritzes from your very own freshly outfitted outdoor space.

If You Love a Nostalgic Accent…

Opt for something that your parents or grandparents might have owned, like a classic Acapulco chair or a retro beach chair. Bonus: You’ll infuse some character and color into your outdoor space.

If You Want Comfort Above All…

Look for a chair that has plush cushions and a deep seat so you can lounge around as your heart pleases. Made of cast stone, the Galanter & Jones Kosmos chair may not look conventionally comfortable, but it has a secret weapon: a heated seat that’ll keep you warm all year long.

If You Want to Rock Back and Forth…

Rocking chairs belong on a porch as much as they belong indoors, and these stylish options from CB2 and Anthropologie are proof. Whether you’re looking for something a little more structured or you just want to lounge, you’ll reach peak relaxation in these seats.

If Your Style Skews Bohemian…

Good news: Rattan is a sturdy material that looks just as good in your living room as it does on your patio or balcony. If you love a leafy, bohemian look, opt for a stylish rattan chair and top it with colorful pillows or cozy sheepskin throws.

If You Want a Beachfront Seat…

Grab your chair and head to the ocean: These stylish beach seats are foldable and lightweight so they’re ideal to take on your summer excursions. When you get home, you can either fold them away or use them as extra outdoor seating.

If You Want a Pop of Color…

Give your backyard a dose of vibrant flair with these colorful chairs, ranging in hues from moss green to earthy terra-cotta and from Klein blue to Millennial Pink. There is no better way to give your backyard a trendy air.

If You’re a Minimalist

If, on the other hand, you prefer timeless designs that are revered for their simplicity, these chairs from Blu Dot and CB2 will do just the trick. Look for simple lines and white or cream cushions for a look that will last you decades.

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