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More and more people want this backyard design feature, and isn’t a pool. It isn’t even a firepit. It’s more of an idea, actually: In a recent survey from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, the majority of designers said their clients are interested in incorporating details that connect indoor and outdoor living spaces. Think: cushy sofas that would fit right into the living room on the other side of a sliding glass door. 

A couple specific looks are on the rise, according to the report. For outdoor kitchens, powder-coated metal (both durable and sophisticated, it will withstand years of wear and tear at barbecues), and for seating areas, modular pieces (whether that’s an easily movable ottoman on a patio or a sectional that can be split up, the possibilities are endless). 

Per Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, the average budget for a backyard makeover is $83,000, but if you’d rather save your money for summer travel, we suggest a mini decor overhaul instead. Here are a few colorful finds that will blur the indoor-outdoor boundaries: 

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