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Allow us to set the scene: It’s a midsummer day and the sun is just beginning to set. Maybe you’ve been doing chores all afternoon or passed a couple hours exploring a museum. You’re a little tired, but it’s not time to turn in for the night just yet. You want a place to sit and relax and admire the fireflies as they flicker into view. You also might want a snack.

What you need, then, is a firepit.

Even if your backyard isn’t that big, a firepit offers the perfect meeting place to catch up with everyone you love, have a drink, or toast some marshmallows over the open flame. You can casually have company over without having to clean the house. You can lounge without having to get your friends to agree on what movie to watch. A good firepit provides an easy entertaining option for everyone—and it looks pretty good, too.


Even if you make no other changes to your yard, this fiery addition can guarantee this summer will be your best one yet—so what are you waiting for? We’ve scouted 14 great ones you can buy now.

Cast Iron

The contemporary farmhouse style isn’t confined to just what’s in your actual house. These cast-iron firepits prove that a timeless (and durable!) material is equally cool in your kitchen and your backyard. Why not explore your outdoorsy side by throwing some tinfoil packets in the flame?


If you have a fondness for clean lines and minimalism, you might be a prime candidate for a concrete firepit. This material has an extremely modern feel, making your backyard seem a little more like your favorite contemporary art museum.


Feeling a bit more experimental? Opt for a steel pit in a dynamic color or silhouette. Your backyard bonfire doesn’t need to have camp vibes, after all. If you have a teeny yard, one of these firepits packs maximum style into a small space. It’s basically like investing in a sculpture—a sculpture that keeps you warm on chilly summer nights.



There’s no need to shell out major bucks for a built-in firepit when you can instead go for a stone version that looks just as impressive. Set a structured outdoor sofa or two next to one of these subtle speckled numbers. Lay out all your s’mores ingredients nearby for easy snacking.

Weathered Steel

For a warm, earthy vibe, consider a weathered-steel firepit. Sure, a copper one might give off the same color, but the muted, aged effect of this material makes it decidedly more refined. Just think how serene one of these pits would look surrounded by weather-friendly rattan chairs. Sounds like paradise.

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