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Now that the weather is perfect, you want to be outside as often as possible. Creativity abounds this month, so make sure patio time is quality time with these fabulous decorating tips picked just for you.


March 21 – April 19

Admittedly, work has been more demanding lately, and good on you for fiercely keeping up. But before you burn out, it’s time to tend that flame and get cozy around your campfire this summer. So sneak out early on Friday to prep for a fun evening under the stars.

If you don’t already have one built into the yard, get your fire pit on point with a stainless steel pit such as this beauty by Curonian. Invite your friends over, enjoy some beers, and sink deeply into your Adirondack chairs to decompress after a busy week and celebrate life. Marshmallow forks all around.


April 20 – May 20

After a recent cosmic boost of energy (from Uranus entering your sign—now through 2026), you suddenly find yourself needing to branch out more. Connecting with your best friends will be super important for you this month, so host a backyard dinner party around a giant all-natural wooden table.

Squeeze more people around with bench seating or, depending on height, opt for finished stump stools or bistro chairs. Good vibes and conversation extend the party until after dark, so be sure to hang the bulb lights and adorn the table with lanterns and fresh cut greenery—because as every Taurus knows, beauty, good food, and camaraderie is all you need in life.


May 21 – June 20

You are highly motivated this month, but it’s important that you don’t force it or you might get stuck. Instead, go with the flow and you will find that you end up in exactly the right place. Allow your creativity and whimsical impulses to lead you in your decision making—and you just might begin and conclude each day in a relaxing hammock. Hang it either in the safety of your porch or between two tall trees in your yard.

If a hammock doesn’t make sense with your space, opt for a hanging rattan chair. The important thing is for you to rock mid air, suspending any cares in the world. Hang a soothing wind-chime, plant some ferns, and set up a table nearby to host your necessities. Now you have all the reason you ever needed to remain reclined as long as humanly possible.


June 21 – July 22

Inherently sensitive to the needs of others, you often find yourself taking the lead to make sure that everyone else is taken care of. This month, someone close to you may need some extra attention—or this time it’s your turn to call upon someone else to help you reach a goal, either personally or professionally.

So whether you are building yourself up or someone you love, try your hand at a cinder-block garden wall—totally customizable to your yard and open to your unlimited creativity. Build it tall for privacy or give it a vibrant color to make it pop.

Admire your efforts from your cozy nest chair (like this one from Antique Palm), made for someone who requires both comfort and style.


July 23 – August 22

This month you will be adjusting to your new schedule—either due to recent changes in your career path or simply because the swimming pool has worked its way into your daily life. It can also be a fruitful month for networking and socializing, so invite your friends over to hang out in your plush outdoor lounge.

Take your lion’s den to the next level with cozy floor pillows and drooping lanterns. Try adding this neutral Moroccan pouf to the mix of colorful patterns. If you can position your lounge under a vine-covered pergola, you know you are doing it right.


August 23 – September 22

Career goals become a big theme for you this month as you consider your place in the world. And while you normally have an admirable work ethic, you find it difficult to remain focused this month. Understandably so! Beauty is all around you—in your partnership, your friendships, and in the world. So instead of worrying about anything, just honor the place where you are and remain open; these “distractions” are actually creative inspiration trying to enter your awareness.

Fine tune your creative gifts with a project. Try your hand at faux cement tile (put on a juicy podcast and stencil away) or if it’s available to you, commission a local artist to paint a beautiful backyard mural. Now that’s what we call hitting your mark.


September 23 – October 22

You out of anyone understand balance; so this month, you’ll be rebalancing your busy life by heeding your creative whims. Behind the drive to succeed is the inspiration you get from the world, so go out and see it.

Curate a cozy corner to merge the patio with the garden. Use a wall divider if necessary and collage the back wall with plants, picture frames, lights, mirrors, and anything else that calls you. Indulge your love of vibrant colors with a lively outdoor rug (like this sherbet striped option). Give yourself full creative range as you layer color and texture together to create a magical outdoor escape to be enjoyed by family and friends all season. Just don’t forget the umbrella.


October 23 – November 21

Over the next month, you will be taking stock of the things in your world that have run their course. Clear it all out to make space for the new vision and begin implementing fresh items into your space.

Privacy is a big priority for you, so we invite you to try a

bamboo or timber wall.

Bamboo can be planted around your patio, or in extra large pots on your porch, while the timber wall is ideal for a smaller areas. Both allow light to peer in, while offering you the cloak that you desire while you lounge outside.

Bring in fresh energy with a unique, eye-catching chair to sink into, like the mod lounger or the Acapulco chair, while you chill out, un-phased any of your neighbors.


November 22 – December 21

Love is in the air for you this month, so set the scene for romance by transforming your deck into a star-gazing sanctuary. (Building a platform in the middle of the yard works great, too.) Create coziness by

layering rugs

, pillows, and blankets together to snuggle into—and if you have a giant floor cushion, even better. Try these colorful washam outdoor floor pillows from Joss and Main.

Light the footpath with those adorable ceramic lattice lanterns (citronella optional), bring some popcorn, your favorite human, and enjoy plenty of evenings watching for shooting stars from your dreamy backyard alcove.


December 22 – January 19

Radical. Self. Care. It’s time to give yourself the space you deserve this month to prioritize your own well-being. Shift your daily regimen to make room for all the things that uplift your mood and energize your soul.

You can start this process by creating a tranquil outdoor space where you can welcome the day. A mandala-shaped woven rug can double as a meditation space before unrolling your yoga mat, while wind-chimes and plants hung from the porch ceiling bring serenity to the space. Stack your summer reading collection on a unique geometric garden stool and recline in your beachy lounge chair. Center yourself in this meditative space every day, and you’ll be sure to have a revitalizing summer.


January 20 – February 18

With Mars now in your sign through mid-fall, you may be feeling like it’s time to take some risks. Essentially, it’s a time of reassessing what motivates you and setting new goals. But for now, we want you experimenting with what intrigues you, so go ahead and break some of your own rules.

You never thought you would ever whitewash brick or break out the Christmas lights in June, but this time you have good reason: string them randomly around an old chandelier and hang them from a tree branch to light up the night.

Mix black wicker patio furniture with a natural fiber rug and towering philodendrons to freshen up your patio. Accent with terra cotta pottery, voluptuous glass vases, and simple lanterns to create a chill outdoor environment to keep you planted all weekend long.


February 19 – March 20

Summertime encourages you to emerge from your shell more often than usual, however a private balcony nook is still a necessity for you. Daydream on an outdoor daybed that can double as a couch when you are entertaining guests (like the capistrano outdoor daybed by Serena & Lily).

Ensure that your space feels like a magical escape by implementing plenty of potted and vining plants. And when the sun gets too intense, hoist up a vibrant umbrella to keep you cool while you bliss out. Just make sure to keep some sangria on hand, because even if you feel like staying home, your best friends will still insist on stopping by to keep you company and watch the sunset from your private view.

Catherine Urban is a writer, astrologer and yogi who is obsessed with these colorful outdoor rugs. Catch more of her astro-musings here or follow on IG @Catherine_Luminus

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