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Considering the past 14 months, your mom undoubtedly deserves major props this year. With Mother’s Day right around the corner (May 9! Mark your calendars!), it’s time to start planning the meal, since chances are you didn’t get to spend the holiday together and properly spoil her in 2020. 

Whether you’re keeping it simple with an intimate gathering or inviting over friends and family you haven’t seen in a good while, Mom’s preferences are, of course, what dictates the menu. And if you ask us, looking to the stars for guidance is a great place to start. From an adventure-seeking Sagittarius to a creatively inclined Leo, planning your Mother’s Day nosh around her astrological sign is a fun way to celebrate.


Spearheading PTA meetings or kick-starting an empty-nesters book club—active Aries moms are undoubtedly always on the go. Treat her special day as an opportunity to sit down and enjoy a healthy breakfast, like elevated avocado toast, so she will be ready to attack her day like the ram that she is. 


Taurus moms may not admit that between cooking meals and offering homework help they love a little luxury from time to time. Baking a lavish cake topped with her favorite fresh berries is the best way to express your gratitude for her loyal bull nature and strike that earthy elegant note she gravitates toward. 


If you want to make your Gemini mom happy as a clam, start her day off right with a breakfast setup for the whole family to enjoy. A stack of homemade pancakes served with barista-worthy coffee and her must-have morning newspaper (knowledge is power to the sign of the twins) will spark the stimulating conversation she thrives on. 


Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Cancers are ruled by the moon (the planet that represents the mother), so if your mom was born into this sign, she’s instinctively nurturing. Likely she’ll want to spend the day with her nearest and dearest—why not turn dinner prep into a group activity with a homemade pizza party that encourages hanging out together? 


Leo moms are super-creative and love the unexpected, so let yours make a splash with an edible art piece. Flowers and veggies take the place of paint in this focaccia masterpiece, which gives her the chance to show off her unique flair. (Hot tip: The fiery sign might want a spicy dipping sauce.) 


Let’s face it, Virgos are worriers. Whether it’s about schedules or physical health (they have notoriously finicky digestive systems), Mother’s Day will be about putting your Virgo mom at ease. Make a wellness-focused grain bowl that provides all the nutrients to get her through her meticulously planned day. 


If your mom’s a Libra, odds are you’ve grown up learning how to host countless dinner parties, seasonal soirées, and boozy brunches. This year take the pressure off Mom and provide her with all the elements necessary for a lovely evening of entertaining. A chic charcuterie board channels effortless alfresco dining, while floral-infused ice cubes make for that wow moment that aesthetically minded Libras lust after. 


Scorpio moms have serious depth—no doubt yours raised you to consider your familial roots with the utmost respect. For her special day, a side dish of vibrantly hued root veggies is the perfect way to create an unconventional tablescape. Just don’t be surprised if she feels inspired to break out the tarot deck once the plates are cleared. 


If you can pin down your Sagittarius mom long enough to enjoy a celebratory meal, be sure it’s unique enough to catch her wandering eye. A flavor profile reminiscent of adventures far and wide will make her the happiest, like this transportive curry-coconut-turmeric rice. 


Capricorns are known for their serious work ethic, so if your mom was born into this sign, the best thing you can do is help her unwind. A fancy cocktail allows her to kick back and relax and perhaps even bring out that famously dry sense of humor she reserves for rare moments of leisure. 


Did you grow up scratching your head at some of the far-out rituals, decorations, and meals found in your childhood home? Your mom is likely an Aquarius, the sign that most likes to march to the beat of their own drum. That’s why something totally unique—like funky pasta shapes and striking designs—will make her feel understood and loved. 


Photography by Brittany Ambridge

As the sign of the fish, your Pisces mom might express hankerings for seafood on Mother’s Day. An appetizer of fresh oysters could be followed up by a creative take on traditional fruits de mer, like these teriyaki salmon skewers. Grill them, then swap dream interpretations with her all night long.

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