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With the world feeling increasingly overwhelming, respites are more important than ever, and there’s one space in your home that should feel instantly soothing: your bedroom. But as countless personality quizzes have told us, relaxation looks different for everyone—and every zodiac sign. Read on for bedroom design inspiration, according to the stars. 


Photography by Skye Parrott

Nothing says Aries quite like bold patterns. As a fire sign, you should make like Arcade shop founder Genie Lockwood and mix and match bedding prints and colors to create a burst of energy in your bedroom. After all, creating a beautiful mess is what the ram does best. 


Photography by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton; Styling by Kate Berry

Taurus will want a soothing spot to unwind, and a little greenery goes a long way. Aurora James’s Brooklyn apartment should be your  inspiration. It’s just cozy enough to make you forget about any grudges, kick back, and relax (which just so happens to be your favorite hobby).


Photography by Joy Sohn

Gemini loves to learn, so your safe space should encourage exploration, even when you’re resting. A bookcase-lined bed, like illustrator Joana Avillez’s, is the ideal setup to stimulate your imagination before drifting off to dreamland. 


Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg; Styling by Rachel Craven

If any sign needs a hideaway to combat the tough days, it’s sensitive Cancer. Think of your bedroom as a protective shell, and nothing feels better than Serena Mitnik-Miller’s wood-paneled Topanga Canyon primary bedroom. An extra-soft blanket, like the designer’s sheepskin throw, is the tactile addition you need to let go. 


As the most self-confident zodiac sign, a Leo is at home with him- or herself. A bedroom centered around a mirror, like this sliding one from Crystal Sinclair Designs, is the perfect way to give yourself the focus you crave. 


Photography by Aaron Bengochea

A sanctuary might be the one thing to calm Virgo’s anxious mind—somewhere you can file away the stresses of the day and reorganize for tomorrow. Muted colors, like in floral designer Marisa Competello’s rainy-day palette, will calm earth sign perfectionists. Satisfyingly uniform side tables round out the space.


Photography by Matthew Williams

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s luxe, curtain-lined main bedroom is made for flirty Libra, who wants a space just as beautiful as it is relaxing. Ruled by Venus, you tend to fall in love with a room as easily as you do with those around you, and that’s even easier to do with a statement accent on a wall, like LRNCE’s woven mirror.


Photography by Martyn Thompson

A Scorpio takes privacy seriously, so your bedroom should be a place you can truly unleash your inner self. A design like Martyn Thompson’s lets passionate water signs tap into dark palettes and moody textures.


Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Rarely home, a Sagittarius’s bedrooms should reflect their nomadic tendencies. Sybil Domond’s loft-style space (referred to as a Mediterranean treehouse) has plenty of vertical surface area to hang souvenirs, so even when you’re stuck in the house, you know your next adventure is just a blink away. 


Photography by Douglas Friedman

Worker bee Capricorn has a hard time separating the professional from the personal. A room with a desk (like Patrick O’Neill’s Hollywood Hills escape) will give you the space you need to pull an all-nighter, while still feeling cozy come 2 a.m. 


Courtesy of Angie Hranowsky

It’s no surprise that an Aquarius’s bedroom would be something totally their own. As the quirkiest sign of the zodiac, your crave a space that others might not understand, so don’t be afraid to get kooky with patterns, like in Angie Hranowsky’s room. 


Courtesy of Max Humphrey

Pisces is often up all night creating—so when you do fall into bed, it should be laid-back enough to support your fantasies. In a little nook like Max Humphrey’s, you can burrow away and transition your daydreams to nighttime. 

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