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Unlike upholstery and paint, which can be (fairly) easily swapped out as design whims come and go, tile is a more permanent addition. Choosing a design that truly matches your personality is the secret to happiness for years to come—but what is your personality, exactly?

Astrology helps us understand ourselves, and therefore the best decor decisions for us. Water signs may want something softer and more soothing, whereas the fiery members of the zodiac lean toward bolder materials. Read on to find out what tile to choose according to your sign. 


Tradewinds Sirocco Tile by Sibella Court, Teranova

Aries are nothing if not self-confident, and so a choice as bright and bold as you are is the way to go. Tradewinds, Sibella Court’s collection of encaustic cement tiles, was inspired by an “imaginary retired sea captain who resides in a shiplap house” and will bring a subtle sense of seafaring adventures to any backsplash. Opt for the brick colorway to tap into Aries fiery side. 



Series S Tile, Balineum

Taureans will be the first to admit: They have expensive taste, and they won’t settle for just anything when it comes to home decor. Balineum’s hand-painted Series S collection comes from Italy and is a nod to Mediterranean seaports. Earthy bulls will be particularly drawn to the ivy design, which will remind you of your ability to take root and grow when in the comfort of home. 


Dual Glaze Triangles, Heath Ceramics

Mistakenly thought of as two-faced, intelligent Geminis are simply multifaceted. Their gift is their duality—their ability to adapt and reconfigure to new situations with ease. Heath Ceramics’s Dual Glaze Triangles are made from a single tile layered with two textures and finishes to create a mirrored geometric motif ideal for the sign of the twins. 


Watermark Tides Tile, Clé

Sensitive Cancers often want to escape into their crab-like shells, and as a result, your home should feel cozy and protective. Clé’s aptly named porcelain Tides tiles (ruled by the moon, your moods ebb and flow just like the waves) will transform your bathroom or kitchen into a much-needed getaway.


Desert Bloom Tile, Fireclay

As the most dramatic sign of the zodiac, it makes sense that Leos would want something outside the ordinary when it comes to their tile revamp. Fireclay’s Desert Bloom matte tiles will certainly catch your eye (as well as the eyes of your many admirers) with its poppy hue and curvaceous shape.



Star&Cross Tile, Granada

Virgos like order, reason, and all things practical, and, unlike their neighboring signs, don’t necessarily want to stand out in a crowd. Granada’s neutral stars and crosses are like a puzzle waiting to be solved, which, even more than the palette, will help this earth sign feel right at home.


Arabescato Corchia Tile, Artistic Tile

Ruled by Venus, Libras find it difficult to turn down a beautiful object. Much like marble busts of Venus herself, the material will elevate any room it occupies. Whether as a floor or kitchen countertop, the ivory slabs will be an elegant backdrop for a Libra’s dinner parties. 


Raven Tile, Lindsey Lang

Terrazzo’s imperfect pieces come together to form one mysterious, collage-like design, so dark and moody Scorpios will find themselves drawn to Lindsey Lang’s dramatic tile moment. The rectangles are as hard to figure out as you are, but just as bewitching once you do. 


Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 11.15.14 PM
Greek Key Tile, Popham Design

There’s nothing a Sagittarian loves more than an adventure, and Popham’s Greek Key pattern will transport you to the shores of Santorini. Its bright mustard hue might just make stir-crazy Sags actually want to stay in for more than a minute or two.  



Oyster Penny Tile, Tile Bar

Capricorns are no-nonsense types, often more concerned with an upcoming deadline than with the state of their spaces. Pearly white coins are understated enough not to distract them from their work but still offer timeless texture.  


Obelisco Ceramic Tile, Elisa Passino

Aquarians are known for their quirky individualism, so a distinctive pattern and colorway are a must. Elisa Passino’s handmade geometric ceramics guarantee that this trailblazing air sign’s room will stand out. 


Neptune Tile, Mosaic House

As a dreamy water sign, the Pisces choice needs to provide escape for their overactive imaginations. Mosaic House’s delicate, hand-painted seashell motif is a perfect fit for your creative side. Not to mention they’re appropriately named after Neptune, the sign’s planetary ruler.

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