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Your astrology sign says a lot about your personality traits, especially when you look at your chart as a whole. Leos are generous and outgoing, for instance, while the Pisces knack for empathizing makes them wonderful friends. But did you know you can use the zodiac for design purposes, too? Your taste and characteristics go hand in hand, making the stars perfect advisers for choosing, say, textiles, whether you’re looking to cover an accent pillow or upholstering an entire sofa. Read on to discover which fabric is your best match, according to your star sign. 


Good Vibrations Fabric, Perennials

It’s no secret that Aries operate at a frequency all your own: Bold, pioneering, and confident, this fire sign needs a fabric to match its frenzied energy. Perennial’s Good Vibrations design looks like how you feel: full of movement. 


Celotocaulis Fabric by Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn

Luxury-loving Taureans love nothing more than a soothing environment, and what’s more relaxing than staring at a 1930s-era print designed by Josef Frank? Named for an Asian flower species (and the Latin word for “flower stalk”), the textile brings garden vibes indoors, creating the spa-like mood bulls thrive in. 



Cabana Stripe Fabric, Rifle Paper Co.

Geminis are known for their multiplicities, so a minimalist choice just isn’t an option. This periwinkle and taupe stripe mirrors the duality of the zodiac’s first air sign. Perfect for outdoor upholstery, it lets you to do what they do best: entertain your friends al fresco late into the evening. 


Indigo Moons Fabric, Caroline Z. Hurley

Ruled by the moon, it makes sense that sweet, sensitive Cancer is considered the most mothering sign. So what better way pairing than a cosmic linen depicting the moon’s many phases? The print is hand-stamped, giving it a homemade feel ideal for crabs who like to tuck away and hide from the chaos of the outside world. 


Jokhang Tiger Fabric by Schumacher, Perigold

Just because Schumacher’s design features tigers instead of lions doesn’t mean it isn’t fit for royal Leos. The fire sign needs a fabric that will draw attention and jealousy—being the center of attention is where you’re most comfortable, after all.


Bright Angle Fabric by Scholten & Baijings for Maharam, Maharam

Detail-oriented Virgos are nothing if not meticulously organized, so Scholten & Baijings’ laser-focused geometric pattern is right on point. We wouldn’t be surprised if you completed your to-do list in record time while lounging on pillows in this design—that’s just the Virgo way. 



Cherry Oh Fabric, Dedar

Libras are artistic, charming, levelheaded, and flirty—very flirty. Luckily, Dedar whipped up this whimsical (but still chic) fabric for the sign of the scales to enjoy. The cherry motif will remind you to embrace your less serious side. 


Calico Floral Stripe Fabric, Lisa Fine Textiles

Moody with a hint of deep-seated romanticism, Scorpios require a print as mysterious as they are. Calico’s chocolate and charcoal pattern offers a dark take on a floral stripe that’s right up this Pluto-ruled sign’s alley. Like a true Scorpio, if you dig deep enough, you’ll notice the hits of color peeking out.


Mineral Slope Fabric by S. Harris, Schumacher

As the zodiac’s most adventurous sign, Sagittarians find themselves drawn to the great unknown and S. Harris’s design looks like a hundred different landscapes all in one: the phases of a horizon, the inside of a geode, giant rock formations, the depths of lush forests. It will spark curiosity and inspiration, exactly what you’re always looking for. 


Shift by Scholten & Baijings, Maharam

While inclined toward the “all work and no play” mindset, Capricorns have to remember to let loose every now and then, and a graphic grid print in a poppy colorway is just what the doctor ordered. 



Fontaine et Animaux Barbouillage Fabric by Christian Astuguevieille, Pierre Frey

When choosing fabric, eclectic Aquarians going to want to go with something full of quirks. Christian Astuguevieille’s graffiti–meets–antique toile is just off-kilter enough to appeal while still feeling undeniably chic. 


Topo Fabric, Alt of Living

Whether it’s splatter paint, marbling, or watercoloring, Alt Living’s Topo fabric feels like an arts and crafts project in the best way. Dreamy Pisces, the sign of the fish, will submerge into their overactive imagination when surrounded by the print’s soothing ocean-esque blues. A warning worth mentioning: May cause excessive daydreaming.

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